Charting Component Customers: Partial List

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Partial List of Gigasoft Charting Customers
1838 Investment Advisors Air Wisconsin Airlines Corp Antech Corporation
3M Akriboo Solutions Anton Paar GmbH
4 Star Trading Company ALBER Aplicaciones En infomatica AV
411 FLTS/TSF Alber Corp. Applied Scientific Associates
4S Information Systems Ltd. Albertsons Inc. Applied Synergy
A To Z Software Connections Albier Applied Wave Research
A. Schwartz & Sons Alcan Aluminum Applsci, Inc.
AAA Automation Alcan Deutschland GmbH App-Tek International Pty-Ltd.
AADM Alcan Rolled Products Aquadyne Corp.
Abalon Technologies Corp. ALCATEL Aquerrue Insrrumenti Inc.
ABB Automation Alcoa Technology Center Archis / Oaot
ABREL Products Ltd. Aldrich Chemical ARCO
Abt. Simulation Alex Kranson Arcon Corporation
AC catel Optomics Alftel Systems Ariel Corporation
Accounting Business Solutions Algoma Steel, Inc. Arizona Public Service Co
Accusonic Technologies, Inc. ALH Group ARK Systems
Accuwest Technologies Al-Jubail Petrochemical (Kemya Army & Airforce Exchange Service
Acdat System Services ALKAR Arnold Engineering Co.
ACDM Concept ALKON Corporation ARRB
ACESITA S.A. All Technology Devices Corp. Aselsan Comm Sys Division
ACI/EMPF Allen-Bradley Company, Inc. ASI SRL
ACM, Inc. Alliance Micro, Inc. ASIC International
ACS Allied Computer Group ASL SRI
Actris Allied Signal Aerospace Asoma Instruments
ADA Technologies Allied Signal Inc. Aspen Applied Sciences, Inc.
Adaptec Inc Allied Signal Truck Brake Sys Assidoman Frovi
Adcole Corporation Alpha Technologies U.S., L.P. Asta
Addcom Innovation AS Alpine Oil Service Corporation AT&T
Adell Plastics Alstom Drives & Control ATEC Aplicaciones Tecnologicas
Adept Technology, Inc. ALSTOM ESCA Corporation ATL Echo Ultrasound
Advanced Control Systems Corp. Alta Soft Atlas Copco
Advanced Energy Industries Altair Avionics Corporation Atlas Corp.
Advanced Hardware Architecture Altair Computing Atlas Online
Advanced Processing Altair Engineering Atmospheric Res. & Analysis
Advanced Solutions Inc. Altel Audio Precision
Advanced Tracking Technology Altronic INC August Technology
Advancia Corp. Amana Heating &Airconditioning AUS Consultants WFW Division
Advantage Controls, Inc. America Online Auto Meter Products Inc.
Advantage Engineering American Computer Technologies Autoliv ASP, Inc.
Advantage R & D American Electric Power Automa SRL
AEM Torino S.P.A. American Sigma Inc. Automated Precision
AER, Inc. American Turbine Automation Canada
Aerosp^tiale-Matra / MST Ameritech Automation Engineering
Aerotech, Inc. Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Automation Methods & Systems
Affymetrix, Inc. Amigo Mouse Software Ltda. Automation Solutions
Afizer Amoco Aventail Corp.
African Merchant Bank Amos Monetique AVTEC Systems
AGE Solutions Provider Amplex Electric, Inc. Avtoliv ASP
Agere Systems, Inc. Amsterdam water Supply AWS Convergence Technologies
AGFA Corp. NDT Digital Systems Anadigics AXIOM Biotechnologies Inc.
AGFA Geuaert N.V. Anadrill Schlumberger Axiom Resource Management
Agilent Technologies Analyser Systems Inc. Axon Instruments
A'Gramkow A/S Denmark Andersen Consulting S.P.A. Axon Pharius
Agriculture & Agrifood Canada Andorer Controls Aydrotec Guiblt
AHA Computer Co. Ltd. Andrew Corp Azeo Tech
AI Solutions, Inc. Andros Incorporated Aztek Engineering, Inc.
AIEC Anritsu  
Air Liquide America Corp. Answerthink, Inc.  
Air New Zealand Ltd Ansys, Inc. Southpointe  
B & B Electronics Beloit Corporation Bluestem Systems
Bach Systems Bengal Development BNP Paribas
Baird & Associates Bentley Instruments, Inc. Boeing
Baker Hughes Inteq Bently Nevada Corporation Boeing / Computer Supply Store
Banco Itau' S.A. Berghof Automationstechnik GmbH Boeing Company - Rocketdyne
BASF Corp. Berkeley Process Control, Inc. Boeing Defense
Bass-Trigon Software Best Team System Consultants Booz Allen & Hamilton
Battelle For The US DOE Bestec GmbH Borgess Health Alliance
Baxter Healthcare Corp. Betz Labs Bosch Braking Systems
Bearly Computing BF Goodrich Aerospace Bowlsoft AB
Beavens Systems, Inc. BF Goodrich Space Flight Syste Boys Town National Research Hosp.
Bechtel Bettis Inc. BFI Technologies Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
Bechtel Nevada Corp. Bicc Cables Ltd. Brigham Young University
Beckman Instruments, Inc. Bio Fruit Aovies British Aerospace Australia Lt
BEHR GmbH & Co. BioMedware Brookhaven National Lab
Belcor Black & Decker Brown And Caldwell
Bell Atlantic Network Black Diamond Engineering Bruel & Kjaer Instruments
Bell Canada Blackwood Trading, LLC Bruel & Kjar, S & V
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of SC Brunswick Mining & Smelting Co.
Bell New Ceramics Co. Ltd. Blue Wizard Software, LLC Burr-Brown Corporation
BellSouth Mobility Bluegray Systems BWXT - Pantex
Cable Systems TSI Chevron Research & Tech. Co Control International, Inc.
Cadec Systems, Inc. Chilean Nabal Contronex, Inc.
Cadence design Systems Inc CHROMEX, Inc. Convex
Cadez Electronics, Inc. Ciber, Inc. Cook Nuclear Plant
Calabazas Creek Research CIC COREX
California Instruments Cicimar-IPN Corning Inc.
Caliper Technologies Corp. Cielo Communications, Inc. Corning Marlborough
CAM Technologies Cimtek Automation Systems Corning Netoptix
Caminus LLC Cirris Systems Corp. Corning, Inc / Dow
Canadian Imperial Bank of Comm City of Saskatoon Corporate Access Inc.
Canadian National Railway Civil Engingeering Consultants Corporate Software
Candescent Technologies Corp. Clarisay, Inc. Corporate Technology Group
Canon Information Systems Inc. Clarsandon Corp Corvus Technologies, Inc.
Capital Equipment Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Cosmonet Solutions
CAPP Associates Clinical Hospital Center Rebro Cost Management Systems
Cardiac Mariners Clorox Costal System Station
Cargill, Inc. Clover Computer Cox Communications, Inc.
Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH Coastal Studies Institute CPPLUS
Carlson Software Services Coastal Systems Station CPR Technologies
Carolina Power & Light Coda Research, Inc. CRC-EVANS
Carrier Corporation Codesmiths Corporation Credit Suisse Private Banking
Carroll Childers Company Coleman Research Corporation CRIEPI - Cryovac Div.
Carroll Engineering, Inc. Collins Medical, Inc. Crisenbery Engineering, Inc.
Cascade Engineering Colorado School of Mines CRITFC
Case Western Reserve Universit Columbia Rwes Intea-Tribol Crompton & Knowles
Casino Software & Services Inc Comarce Systems Inc CRONOS NV
CATC Access Tachnology Corp. ComIT Information Technology CS Systems Information
Caterpillar - Cell Star Commander CSI
Caterpillar, Inc. Company Quant Tools CSIRO
CBISS Limited Compaq Computer Corporation CSIRO CMIS
CBV Compressor Controls Corp CSIRO Marine Research
CE electronics Compucol, Inc. CSIRO Petroleum
Cellomics, Inc. CompuCom Systems CSIRO-Land and Water
Cellular One Computer Methods Corporation CST GmbH
Center for Disease Control Computer Sciences Corp CT Labs
Center Technology Corp. Computer Weld Technology Inc. CTE Engineers
Centers for Disease Control Computerboards, Inc. CTI Pet Systems, Inc.
Central Data Computer Center Conal Corporation CTS Automotive Products
Central Michigan University Conam / PCMS Cuna
CEPG Corp Concurrent Tech CUNO
Cepheid Conectiv Merchant Group Curon Medical
CEPSA Conement Systems Inc Custom Lab Software Systems
Cermak Peterka Petersen, Inc. Conest Software Systems Cyber
CETI Solutions, Inc. Conexant Systems, Inc. Cyberquest Development
Chadwick/Helmuth Conrad Technologies Inc. Cycletek Inc.
Changsoft.Inc Constructive Computing Co, Inc Cygnus Inc.
Channel Master LLC CONTEC C.V. Cypress Trading, LLC
Chapman & Lewis Continental Airlines Cyprus Miami Mining
Chase Communications Continental Electronics Cyrano
Chase Manhatten Bank Control Development, Inc. Cytronics Technology, Inc.
Chesapeake Bay Program, EPA  
D.A.R.E Development DERA Dowell Schlumberger
DABEC Technology Dept. National Defence Dr. Werner Engineering GmbH
DACOBUSY Software Systems Detectors Dreher Business Products
Daico Industries Deutsche Bank DRES
Darryl Tremelling DH Instruments, Inc. Drexel University
Data Concepts Dielectric Laboratories DSA
Data Trak Digital Equipment Corp. DSCI
Datacube Digital Lightwave, Inc. DSI / Ville de Geneve
Datanet, Inc. Dionex Corp. DSM Elastomers Eorope
Dataview, Inc. Ditec GmbH DSO National Laboratories
Dave Schofield DITW, Inc. DTR Software International
David Novo Diversey Equipment Technologies Dubin Wieca
Dayton Power & Light Company Diversey Water Technologies Duke Power Company
DBX Engineering Co. DKH Consulting Inc. Duke University Medical Center
DCI Corporation DLS Solutions Dun & Bradstreet
DDM Solutions DMS Dunvalion Data Services Ltd.
Dearborn Gage Company DMS Bliss Corporation DuPont
DECAN CS DOFASCO Information Systems DuPont Experimental
Decision Team - Software GmbH Doli Electronics Camboll Durham Geo-Enterprises, Inc.
Defence Supply Center Columbus Donaldson Lufkin & Jenerertte DWESAB
Defense ScienceTechnology Agen Donatos Pizza Inc. Dynacs Engineering Co., Inc.
Dell Computer DooBong PronetSoft Dynalink Telecom, Inc.
Delphi Packard-Ohio Operations Dopar Support Systems, Inc. Dynamic Concepts, Inc.
Delta Air Lines Dotun Ajao Dynamotive Ltd
Delta Technical Services Dow Corning Corporation DynaStream Innovations, Inc.
Deltasoft Dow Jones and Company Dynojet Research
Denso Manufacturing Tennessee Dow, USA
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co. Electromagnetic Instruments EQE International
EADS ATR Elektrobit AG Equilion Pipeline Co.
Eagle Research Corp. Elektro-Physik GmbH Equilon Enterprises LLC
Eagle Test Systems Ellen G. Walton Equipment Electroline
Earnings Performance Group Ellipse Engineering Co Equis C.A.
Eason Technology, Inc. Elm Street Software ER Group
East and Associates Elnik Systems Ericsson AS Norway
Eastman Kodak Company EM Wonder Ericsson NetQual, Inc.
EasyJet Airline Company EMC Automation ERIEZ Magnetics
Easytech Corp EMC Corporation Ernst & Young
Eaton Corporation EMCORE Corporation ESP International, Inc.
EBS Corporation Emerson Motion Control Espstar Intl SDN BMD
EC Engineering Consultants LLC E-Mon Corp. ESQ Business Services, Inc.
ECAM Systems, Inc. Enator Elektroniksystem Essen Instruments
ECIII, Inc Energy Coding ETB Mbh
Eclipsys Energy Research, Inc. Ethyl Inc.
ECO Bay Technology Energy Solutions Internationl Euralis Genetique
Ecometric Enpoint European Technology Partner
Eddie Burdak Ensco, Inc. Euro-Tech
EDF Entegra Limited Evolution Cargo (Iris Cargo)
Edinburgh Petroleum Services Enterprise Control Tech. Inc. Excel Info Tech Inc
EDS Enterprise Information systems Excelerate Technologies
EDTECH Environdata Australia Pty Ltd Executive Computing
Edwards AFB Environics Cerebus Ltd Exel Computing Ltd.
Eems italia S.P.A. Environment Canada Exotic Electro Optics
EEMS Italia Spa Environnement S A Expeditors International of WA
EIT Inc. Enviro-Tech Services Inc Exxon Mobil Chemical Company
Eka -Technih EPAC Exxon Mobil Refining & Supply
Electrical Controls EPI
Electro Industries George tech Epsilon Industrial
F1 Solutions Pty LtdFidelity InvestmentsFluxys S.A.
FAA-MAC, TDWR-PSFFinancial Engineering AssociatesFootfitness
Fairview Health ServicesFisher-Rosemount Systems Inc.Ford Motor Company
Fann Instrument CompanyFitzpatrick ElectricFox Glove Systems, Inc.
Farm Credit ServicesFjerdingenFrequency Electronics, Inc.
Faro Corp.FJO Enterprises, Inc.Friedrich, Klatt and Associates
FASPAC Systems, Inc.Fleible Plan InvestmentFrontier Technology, Inc.
FCIFlexible ProductsFRS Marine Laboratory
Federal MogulFlexware, Inc.Fruit of the Loom
Fekete Associates, Inc.Flinders PowerFuji Bank Ltd.
FEREGO Florida Power & LightFuture Business Soft
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.Fluid Air, Inc.Future Systems International
Ferret Instruments, Inc.Fluke CorporationFuturetech Data Systems Inc.
GA Blanco & Sons Geokon LTD Goldstein Educational Tech.
Gammadata Scienta AB Geometria LTD Goodyear
GC Micro Georgia Lottery Corporation Grace Instrument Company
GCI Systems Gerrard and King, Ltd. Grainger Integrated Supply
GE Capital IT Solutions GfK AG/Bereich Fernsehforschun Grayson Wireless
GE Harris Giayo Wellcome Inc. Great Lakes Environmental Research
GE Medical Systems Gilbert Laustsen Jung Assoc. Green Mountain Logic
Geek World Gita S. Reddy Greenspan Technology
Gem City Engineering Company Glaxco, Inc. Gregg Engineering
General Dynamics Global Research & Dev. Co. Grimmer Logiciels
General Electric Co Global Securities Group 6 Team 1 KCM Information
General Motors Global Simulation Systems Groupe Informission Inc.
General Physics Corp. Global Technologies Solutions GSI Lumonics
GENFO, Inc. G-Logic S.A. Guided Wave
Genometrix, Inc. Goddard Space Flight Center Gulf Canada Resources, Ltd.
GENSEC GOGU Consulting GmbH
Geo Analysis, Inc. Goldendale Aluminum
H. Rosen USA Hawkesbury Consulting Ltd. Hoffman Computing, Inc.
Hackett Benchmark Solutions Health Canada, PPHB Holley Performance Products
Haemoscope Health Data Sciences Honda Transmission Mfg.
Hai-Tek Solutions Health Media Lab, Inc. Honeywell
Halifax corp Hettec Datentechnik Gmbh Hoogendoorn Automation
Halliburton Energy Service Hewlett Packard Hooks & Associates, Inc.
HALLoGRAM Publishing Hexacom EDV Vertriebs GmbH Horizon Electronics LTd
Hampton-Tiley Associates. HF Research, Inc. HS Resources, Inc.
Hanover Measurement Services HHDI Technology HSBC Investment Service Africa
Hapeg Hattinger Prufu Entwickl High Point Software Hughes Christensen Company
Hard Software High Soft S.R.L. Hughes Research Laboratories
Hardy Software Systems HigherGround, Inc. Hug-Witschi AG
Harman Becker Automotive Sys. Hi-Plains Systems, Inc. Hutchinson Technology
Harris Corp. Hitachi Data Systems
Hartzell Fan, Inc. Hodges Transportation
Harvard Management Company Hoerbiger Ventilwerke GmbH
IAI Israel Aircraft Industries Inertia Friltion welding,Inc International Paper
Iatric Systems Infinity Systems International Safety Research
IBASET Inflation Systems, Inc. (ISI) International Technic HVAC Co
IBIS S.R.L. Info Scietific Inc InterOcean Systems, Inc.
IBJ Australia Bank Limited INFOAXS Information Technology Interrogator Technologies
IBM Infocontrol Intoligent Vision Image
IBS Norra Norrland Info-Power International, Inc. Inuenture America
I-Bus / Phoenix Powering & Com Information Management Group Invensys Energy Solutions
ICETEC.COM Information Systems of NC, Inc. Inventure America Inc.
ICONIUM SOFTWARE PTE Informative CDC Investt, Inc.
ICS Informiciel Invonics Corp
Idaho Power Company Ingalls Engineering I-O Sensors
IDR Inland Steel IOC GmbH
IDRA Presse Innovacomm Technologies, Inc. IOMEGA CORP.
IDX Systems Corporation Innovast Corporation IQE
IF Computacion C.A. Innovative Solutions iQuest (NZ) Ltd
IIT Research Institute Input-Output of Austin IRIS Power
IK Computers Institute For Defense Analyses Irish Medical Systems
ILX systems Inc Institute of Power Engineering Iropa Elektrotechnik
Image Office Equipment Intec Engineering IRORI
Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc Integrated Clinical Systems IRSiD
Imaging Dynamics Corp. Integrated Control Concepts IRSST
IMDC Integrated EngineeringSoftware ISIS Ltd.
IMES Integration Partners, Inc. Iskra Avtoejektrika Asing Doo
Impath Intel Corporation ISMC nv
Imperial Oil, Canada Intelimetrics, Inc. Isotech Labs
IMS AG Intellect Technology Co, Ltd Israel NDc
IMS Health Tech. Solutions Ctr Intellect, Inc. ISS
IMS-Institut fur Mathematische Intelligent Automation ISTec GmbH
IN - SITU, Inc. Inteltronics IT Development/ParaMetrica
INA Motorenelements Schaeffler Inter. Centre for Diffraction Italstudio SRL
Indel AG Interact Multimedia ITAR-TASS
Indian Register of Shipping Interactive Oceanographics ITC Saint-Hyacinthe
Indiana Univ, Physics Dept Intercat, Inc. ITESM
Industrial Automated Systems Intergraph Consulting ITT Aerospace
Industrial Communication Intermountain Health Care ITT Industries
Industrial Controls Engineerin International Center for
Jaguar Cars Limited Kanuco Technology KeyMed Manufacturing Division
Jaguar Cars Ltd Karnatech, Inc. Kimark Systems inc
Jaqenberg, Inc Karrier Communications Kimberly-Clark Corporation
JenaNet.Com Kinetic Systems
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Katsina Optics Klippel GMBH
JeTech Data systems, Inc Kayeness KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Jewelsoft KBASE Inc. Kneisner Doering Gmbh
JITC Keiser Permanenta Knowledge Engineering
JM-TRONIC SP. Z O.O. KELCO Koch Petroleum Group
JNE Services, PLC Concepts Kemet Electronics Kookmin University
John Hopkins University Kenmar Koslen Financial Group
Johns Hopkins Hospital Kennedy Solutions KPMG
Johnson & Johnson KES KUKA Schweissanlagen GmbH
Johnson Controls, Inc. Kett US Kustom Signals, Inc.
JS Resources, Inc. KEVAG Kuwait investment project Co
Jukel Rothauer KEG Key International, Inc. Kvaerner Metals
Kalsi Engineering, Inc. Key Technologies Inc.
L.J. Hooker Technology Levy & Associates, Inc. Logan Engineering
L-3 Communications Systems Lexmark International Inc. Logical Solutions LLC
Lab of Applied Pharmacokinetic Lextron Info Systems Logicon DPC Technologies Laure
Lablite LLC LG Chemical, Ltd. Log-In, Inc.
Labtronics LG Precision Lone Star Pipeline
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. Liberty Technologies Loop-loc Ltd.
Lamson Corporation Liebherr Verkehrstechnik Gmbh LORAL Communications
Landis & Gyr Lifescan, Inc. Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc
Landis & Staefa Lignomat Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANL for US DOE Linden Industries, Inc. EMB Los Angelos Times
Laser Power Optics Liontrust Asset Management PLC Louisville Gas & Electric Co.
LaserLine, Inc. Lisson Electric Loyloa University Medical Ctr
Lawrence Livermore National Labs Listen and Talk Lucas Controls, Inc.
LCRA LLNL Lucent Technologies
LDS Hospital Lockheed Martin Lugg Computing
Lear Jet, Inc. Lodestar Software Luminex Corporation
LEM HEME Ltd. Logan Aluminum Lyme Computer Systems, Inc.
M&T Korea Mechanical Technology MicroSmart Systems
M.H.T. Technology Ltd. Meco equiptment engineers bv Microsoft
M.K. Jucheim Gumbh & Co Media South Microsol Corp.
M/A-COM, Inc. ISBU Medical Automation Systems Microview
Machine Automation, Inc. Medical Information Systems Microvision
Macom Medical Research Group, Inc. MicroWay Programming Tools
Macroview Telecom Ltd Medivector Inc Midwest Instrument
Madison Purchasing 1B Medtronic, Inc. Mikhail Leontiev
Magellan Corporation Medusa Medical Technologies Milltronics, Ltd.
Magnalinea Corporation Mei (Top) Mindmatters Technologies
Magnetic Instrumentation Meister Industries MindSpeed
Main Roads Mellon Bank MIRA
Management Beratung& Coaching Melwaukee electrical tool Corp Miros A/S
Manitoba HVDC Research Center MEMC Electronic Materials SPA MIT
Marathon Monitors, Inc. Mendoza Blanco and Asociados Monarch Medical International
Mares & dent Merck & Company Monimax, Inc.
Marex Technology MERCK KGaA ZL / WE Monitek Pty Ltd
Marin Capital Partners Mercury Marine Monitoring Technology Corp.
Marin Wageningen Merrill Lynch Monsanto
Marino Engineering Assoc., Inc Metrohm AG Moody's Investors Service
Markdata, Ida. Metron AS Moog, Inc.
Marketing Direct Concepts Metrosonics Moore Products Co.
Mars Electronics Metso Automation Moran Research and Consulting
MARUNA Michael J. Edwards & Company Morgan Construction Company
Mason & Hanger Corp. Michigan Scientific Morgan Stanley
Matrikon, Inc. Micro Acoustics Morrow Technologies
Matrix Science Ltd Michigan Scientific Morton International
Max Planck Institut Micro Sigma Motorola
Maxtor Micro-Access MPSI
McDermott Technology, Inc. Microcom Design Msolutions,Inc
McDonnell Douglas Corp. Microdata MSX International
McKesson HBOC Micro-G Solutions MTI Weigh Systems
MCSI Microline S.r.l. MTMCTEA
MD Robotics Microm Technology MTS Systems Corp.
MDE, Inc. Micromonitors, Inc. Muir Matheson LTD
Mead Containerboard Micron Technology Multiplex, Inc.
Measurement Microsystems, Inc. Micropath Corporation Mutual Consultants Limited
Measurement Technology Microserv Dorval
N.I.S.T. Nerlson Norgate Tech Inc.
Nac Image Technology Net Stream, Inc. Norgit AS
Nalco Chemical Co. NetCall Telecom Ltd. Norhtern Decision Technologies
Narkisson 15 Netflix .com Norkart AS
NASA Ames Research Center NetQos Norman Wise Company Inc.
NASA Langley Research Center NetSolve Incorporated NORPAC
National Research Council Network Resources, Inc. Nortek AS
National Semiconductor New Developments Ltd Nortel Networks
NATO C3 Agency New Horizon System Solutions Northrop Grumman Corporation
Natun Program New Mexico State University Norwegian Institute Air Resear
Nautical Technologies Ltd. New York Blower Company NOVA Chemicals Ltd.
Naval Air Station Supply Dept. New York Life Nova Nordisk AS
Naval Research Labs Newline Computing Nova Scotia Power
Naval Surface Warfare Center Newmont Mining Company NOVA Technology, Inc.
Navigation Technologies NEXPRESS Solutions LLC Novasite
Navistar Plant Nextracom North Shore IT Ser. Novatia, LLC
NAVIX Information Engineering Nextwave Telcom Novigen Sciences, Inc.
NAVUS GmbH Nexus Division, Inc. NOWSCO
Navy Experimental Diving Unit Nexus Software GmbH NRMCA
NAWC N-Gin Software Gmbh NSI Technology Services Corp.
NCR Inc. Nine Energy Services Nucleotech Corporation
NDS Technologies NJWA Nucor Steel
Nearfield Systems NMR Numac Groep BV
NEC NOAA / NMFS / NEFSC Numerica Ltda
Nehoc Productions NOKIA Mobile Phones Nuova Gie SRL
Nellcor Puritan Bennett Nomadics NVESD
Neoprobe Corporation Nordson Corp. NYNEX - Objekt Systemer A/S
Neptec Design Group Ltd.
Object Controls LLC Operation Technology, Inc. Orion Law Management System
Objectworks, Inc. Optical Disk Ormood Power
Occusoft Corporation Optical Metrology Innovations Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
Oce Document Technologies GmbH Optical Systems Corp ORYX, Inc.
Office of Mental Health Optimag Osram Sylvania, Inc.
OHAL Ltd. Orchid BioSciences, Inc. OSTERWALDER AG
Omaron Electronics Inc Ore Systems Inc OTATCO Inc.
Omicron Electronics GmbH Oregon Steel Mills Otay Water District
OMNI Information Services Oriel Instruments OTTO Engineering, Inc.
Ontario Hydro Technologies Orincon Corporation Ovid
Ontario Power Generation, Inc. Orion Alpha Corp
Pace Scientific, Inc. Pharma Laser Inc. Powder Management Systems
Pacific Scientific Pharmacia Corp. Power Data Ltd.
Palm Beach Pathology Phase Metrics Power Engineers
PanCanadian Petroleum Ltd. Phelps Dodge Miami Power tech Co LTd
Panther Systems, Inc. PHH Petroleum Consultants PPG Industries
Pantoem Energy Solutions Phil Erlanger Research PRAXAIR, INC.
Paragon Technical Services Phillips Labs Praxair, Inc.
Parker Technologies, Inc. Phoenix Software Ltd. Precision Machine Controls
Parsons ES Photographic Software Pres. Inc.
Patterson, Britton & Partners Photon Tech International President Futures Corporation
PC Lake Physical Science Laboratory Primak Tech
PC Plus Physitemp Instruments Primarion Corp.
PC Skills PI ETA Consulting Company Prime Associates, Inc.
PCL Construction Inc. Picca Automation A/S Princenet, Inc.
PDB Datasystem AB Pier 1 Imports Problem Solvers Inc.
Peerless Instrument Co. Inc. Piezo Crystal Co. Process Builder
Peizer Ltd. Pijl Computer Services Processbiz Technologies
Penn State University Pinnacle West Capital Corp. PROCOS Engineers & Consultants
Pensemos Compania Lida Pioneer HiBred Procter & Gamble
Penske Racing, Inc. Pioneer Hi-Bred International Pro-Tem, Inc.
Perceptiv Planeacion, Sistemas Y Control Proteometrics Canada Ltd
Person To Person Health System PMCL Protodesign, Inc.
Personalized Data Corporation Point Six, Inc. Proval
PETCOM, Inc. Pol Costruction inc Provisdom Corporation
Peter Brown, Inc. Polaris Informatica S.r.l. Psychemedics Corp.
Pfizer Central Research Poliac Research Corp. PT. Mitrais
Pfizer, Inc. Portland State University Pulgmiquel SA
PGA Positron S.A. Pulsar Engineering SRL
Phadke & Associates Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan PV-DesignPro Software
Q-bit Corporation Ravenholm Computing AS RMG - Procit
Q-COM, Inc. Raytheon RMM Technical Services, Inc.
QH Technologies RC Stiffler &Associates Robicon
QSC Audio Products Inc. RDI Global Rochester General Hospital
Qualitau, Inc. Read Rite Corporation Rock Island Arsenal
Quality First Systems, Inc. Reda Production Systems Rockwell Scientific Company
Quality Logic, Inc. Redwood Technologies Ltd. Roland Schubert Consulting
Qualtek Software Reilhofer KG Rolls-Royce Naval Marine Inc.
Quaser Corporation RELA Colorado Medtech Rosemount, Inc.
Queensland Government Reliance Electric Rotator Software
Quentin Roosevelt Rd Reliant Energy Services, Inc. Rotordynamics
Quick Corp. RemaControl AB Roush Industries
QuotePower International Ltd. REMEC Wireless RPM AB
Quotes Plus REO Direct RPM Risk & Portfolio Mngmt AB
Rabar Market Research Research Electric-Optics, Inc. RS-Elektronik
Rada Electronic Industries Ltd Resource Information Systems RST Industrie Automation GmbH
Raddon Financial Group, Inc. Retail Marketing Systems, LLC RT Computer Consultants
Radiant Technologies, Inc. Reynolds Metals Company Rtech
Radio Detection Ricardo Test Automation Ruby's Diner, Inc.
Radio Marketing Service Rice University Rueffler Computer Hard+Soft
RAMBOLL Rifocs Corp. Ruffneck Heaters
RAMCO Electric Company Rime S.R.L. Rutherford & Associates
Ramsoft Risk Management Group RW Systems
S & T Steel Sicom, Inc. Southern IT Limited
S. Levy, Inc. Sidac Engineering Ltd. Southwest Research Institute
S.E. Griffiths Sidea Electronics Southwestern Medical Center
SABER Engineering &Development Sielken And Associates S-P Research Institute
Safe Environmewnt Engineering Siemens Space Systems/ Loral
Safetran Systems Sierra Wireless Inc. SpaceLabs Medical
SAIC Siga Informatique 2000 Inc. Spartek Systems
Samsung Biomedical Research, Inc. Signa Engineering Corp Spawarsyscen San Diego
San Lien Technology Corp. Signal Corp. Spectral Solutions, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratories Signature BioScience, Inc. SpectraSoft Technology
Sandoz Sigtem Technology, Inc. Speech & Hearing Sciences
SAS Institute Inc Silicon Valley Group Speedline tech
Satyam GE Software Services Simsum, Inc. Sperry-Sun
Saunders & Associates Simulation Consultants, Inc. Spike Broadband Systems, Inc.
Saurer Automation Systems Simulation Sciences, Inc. SPIN Engenharia de Automacao
SBC Services, Inc. Sinotech Engineering Consultan Sport-X, Inc.
SBRF Sinter & Net s.c.r.l. SPS Payment Systems
SC Solutions, Inc. SIR International, Inc. Square D Company
SCA Inc. Skandia Life SSI Services
Scanvaegt SKF Dataservice AB St. George Consulting Group
SCHENCK PEGASUS Slaughter Company, LLC Standard Poors
Schenck RoTec GmbH SM&A Corporation Standards Testing Labs, Inc.
Schlumberger Smart Synch State Auditor's Office (Texas)
Schmid & Partner Engineering Smith International, Inc. State of Wyoming Oil Gas Comm
Schmoldt Engineering Smiths Aerospace Steel Dynamic, Inc.
Schuller International Smiths Industries Stephen Computer Services
Schweitzer Engineering Labs, Inc. SN Insurance Services Sterling Diagnostics Imaging
Science Applications Intern. Societe Canadienne de Metaux Stevens Institute
Science Systems Societe Sophis Stone Graphics, Inc.
Scientific Atlanta Soft Tec GmbH Stony Brook Services
SCP Global Technology Softchoice Corporation Strategic Investment Partners
SDD B. Schmitt EDV Sport Gesun Softcontrol Structural Integrity Associate
Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc. Softexcell Su Enterprise,Inc
Seagate Softlink GmbH Sudo Primium Engineering Co.
Seale Studios Software By Design Sumitomo Trust & Banking
SEC, Inc. Software Cientifilo Summit Envirosolutions
Securities Trading & Technology Software Connection USA Sundstrand Fluid Handling
SEH America, Inc. Software Creations, Inc. Sundyne Corp. A United Tech Co
Sensible Technologies Software House International Sungard Employee Benefit System
Sensorix AG Softworld Sungard Systems Japan
Sensormatic Electronics Sogard Data Sunrise Labs Inc
Sequenom, Inc. Solarex Superflow Corp.
Shaw Electric Inc. Solid Data Systems, Inc. Surrey Satellite tech LTD
Shell Development Solid State Measurements, Inc Sweet Capital Management
Shell Services International Solidynx Corporation Swiss Re Capital Partners
Shell Westhollow Technology Ct Solverd Information Services Switchtec
Shelquist Engineering Sonamed Symvionics, Inc.
Sherbrooke University Sonometrics Symyx Technologies
Sherpa Engineering Sony Precision Technology, Inc Syntha Corporation
Sherritt, Inc. Sopra S.A. System Dynamics
Showa Denko Carbon, Inc. Sorokasoft India Pvt. Ltd. Systematika GmbH
Showbiz Software SouthDown Inc
Si Tech, Inc Southern California Edison
T. V. Trading Telemetry Solutions Theta Systems
Tahal Consulting Engineers TelePro, Inc. Thinkspark
Taisil Electronic Material Cor Telfech infernational Thomas G. Kentras
TAL Investment Council Telvagenics Thunder Basin Coal LLC
TAMI (IMI) Institute For R&D Ltd Tenatronics Limited Ticket Master
Tamoil (Suisse) SA Tendi Deutschland GmbH & Co KG Tymetrix
Tancom Consulting AB Tengeleimann Tivoli
Tapscan, Inc. Tennessee Valley Authority TMT, Inc.
TAQ Computers Tensys Medical, Inc. Tohoku University Medical Scho
Taratec Development Corp. TeraByte Corporation Total Computing Ltd.
Target Therapeutics TeraSoft, Inc. Townsand Supply Co.
TASC Test Measurement Systems, Inc. Toyo Engineering Corp
Tass Independent Inc Testek TRACE, USA
TATA Honeywell Ltd. Testware Sweden AB Traderware
Tattersall Advisory Group Texas A&M Trane Company
Tax&Accounting Software Texas Instruments Transport Canada
TDK Texas State Auditors Office Transportation Decision System
TECCOR Electronics Texas Tech University Trident Chemical Co.
Tech Cominco Metals Ltd. The Aerospace Corp Trident Info Systems Inc
TechComp, Inc. The Arnold Engineering Company Trillium Teamologies
Technoquip Co., Inc. The Boeing Company Trimble
Technova Petroleum Services The Burton Group Trios Associates, Inc.
TEClogica Servicos em Informat The Futures Group Tripod Consult
Tecnica Administrativa BAL, SA The Marc Group Triton Network Systems Inc.
Tecnologia Asesoria Sistemas The Navel Air Warfare Center Tropper Technologies
Tecnomatix Technologies GmbH The Plymonth Group Trux Route Management Systems
Teknor The Prometheus Group, Inc. TRW
Tektronix The Temkin Company TSD
Telcordia Flash TBRB3 The Timken Company TSI, Inc.
Telcordia Technologies The University Of Iowa TU Services
Teledyne Brown Engineering The Upjohn Company Tuboscope Pipeline Services
Teledyne Controls Thermal Equipment Corp. Turbofast
Teleflex Inc. Thermoguard Equipment Tybrin Corp
U T Southwestern Medical Ctr. University of Georgia Validyne Engr Corp
U.S. Army Core of Engineering University of Iowa Value Line
U.S. Department of Commerce University of Minnesota Valueware
U.S. Department of Disease Control University of Minnesota Duluth Van Der Waals-Zeeman Institute
U.S. Dept. of Transportation University of New South Wales Van Hall Institutional
U.S. Geological Survey University of North Carolina Vanguard Solutions Group, Inc.
U.S. Micro University of Tokyo Kitazaw Lab Varian Medical Systems
U.S. Navy, Naval Air Station University of Tulsa Vaw Aluminium AG, Primary
U.S. Trust Co. University of Virginia Vector Corporation
UCAR University of Wisconsin Ventura Electronics Assembly
UCLA Radiation Oncology UOP Guided Wave Verax Systems, Inc.
Ullevaal Sykehus / It-Avd URI Veridian Systems
Ultralife Batteries, Inc. US Precision Lens Veritec
Unicom, Inc. Usati Limitada Versmissen NV
Unidyn USBR Vertical Software
UNIFI Tech Group USDA-ARS Vextech Corporation
Unipower AB USDOT Via Rail, Canada
United Imaging Corporation USF Memcor Research Pty Ltd Video-Net Systems (Pty) Ltd.
United Parcel Service USGS-UMSC Vidriera Queretaro/RPM Company
United Space Alliance Utah State University Viridian, Inc.
Univ of CA Livermore UTAR Scientific Inc. Vitec Energy AB
Universal Power Products UT-Battelle VizBiz
University of Alberta UTE SAIH TAJO VMC Information Services
University of Berne Utilitymaster Voest-Alpine Industries, Inc.
University of California UWRL/INSE Volian Enterprises
University of Central England Vacumed Volvo Aero Corp.
University of Dayton Valence Health Vought Aircraft Co.
University of Denver Valero Corp Services Company V-Secure Ltd.
Wacker-Chemie GmbH Westingtonhouse Worldco LLC
Wallace Computer Services Westland Systems Ltd. Wright Brand Foods
Walmart Stores Inc. Westmoreland Mechanical Write Woman Computer Products
Warburg Dillion Read WH Trading WWR Development, Inc.
Washington State University Whag International Ltd. Wyle Laboratories
Watkins Johnson Co. Whirlpool XCG Consultants Limited
Watson Gill Scientific Ltd. White Mountain DSP, Inc. Xenomorph Software Ltd.
Wave Science Whitehead Institute Xerox
Wavelinq, Inc. WHOI Xircom Operations Malaysia
WBM Engineering Wildfire Management System XonTech, Inc.
Weather Network William Beaumont Hospital XP Software, Inc.
Weatherford International Wiltron Yazaki North America, Inc.
Web Research Co. Win.HLP AS Yellow Springs Instruments
Weigh Systems South, Inc. Winfund Corporation Yocom & McKee, Inc.
Welenco, Inc. Wisconsin Electric Power Co. YoungWha Dieboard Co.,Ltd.
Wellpoint Systems, Inc. Wispro-Eckl & Veindel GBR YTD & Associates
Wells Fargo Bank Wizards Software ZAC Catalogs
Werk Gottingen WM Associates Zenture
Westbay Instruments Wonderware Corp. Zeppelin IT OHG
Western Geophysical World Class Info Systems ZGK
Western New York Computing Sys World Commerce Online Zymed, Inc.

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