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Remember our documentation is both online and locally installed onto your system in file 'PEONLREF.CHM'

Opening our help system will show a similar menu system as below. Take a second to envision this menu and find the chapters that most interest you.

There will likely only be a few chapters unique to your needs.

Thank you for reading this material. The ProEssentials product comes with free technical support. It's convenient for Gigasoft and customers alike to handle support without worrying about serial numbers and support agreements.

Charting Component Help menu

Manual Contents: Shows a hyperlinked outline of sections and chapters, including a Frequently Asked Question section.

New Features: Discusses recently added features. It's possible that some new features will only be documented in this section, so it's important to not miss this resource and check back again and again as we provide free minor maintenance releases that often include new features.

Chapter 1: This introduction discusses individual controls Pego, Pesgo, Pepso, Pepco, and Pe3do. And why they are separate controls. This section also discusses global features independent on which interface you will be utilizing. And finally discusses our recommendations on requesting technical support.

Chapters 2-5: Discusses individual interface specific details for .Net, ActiveX, VCL, and DLL respectively. Be sure to read their respective Deployment sections when ready to distribute your final project.

Chapter 6: Discusses in detail the most powerful concepts within ProEssentials. This content will also point to related examples within our example code and demos.

  • Annotations: Graph, Table, Line, Axis
  • Pego's Sequential X Axis features
  • Date Time Handling, continuous and dis-continuous
  • Comparison Subsets, mixing plotting styles via logical groups
  • Multiple Axes, Overlapping Multiple Axes
  • Custom Axes
  • Real-Time Charting
  • 3D Charting
  • Localization, using different languages

Chapter 7: FAQ, frequently asked questions: definitely skim this content.

ProEssentials Reference: Mostly used by DLL MFC C++ developers where the 'Alphabetic Listings' of Functions, Structs, Windows Messages, Notifcation Messages and Property Constants is what C++ developers expect. The lowest common denominator API of the ProEssentials charting engine.

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