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Latest: v9.5.10
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Sudha M Natarajan:
NASA Langley Research Center
"This has become a standard plotting tool for us at Mission Operations."
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The ideal charting component and tool for technical charts, control charts, instrument data, oscilloscope, strip chart, realtime charts, candlestick - open/high/low/close - financial charts, large-scale business 2D and 3D data visualization and MSChart alternative.

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.Net and Native Charting Components for creating Charting Software...

  • Have a question? email: support@gigasoft.com

  • Why ProEssentials? Take 10 seconds and run the demo! View our example code. See our documentation. Download and see first-hand the speed and rendering quality: Zoom the date-time, logarithmic and polar examples and study the axes and how well they behave. Stretch and size the pie charts and others and study their behavior. Rotate our 3d and simply play with our charts to experience our depth of logic and desktop quality. ProEssentials is a highly tested (distribution in the millions) robust commercial-grade charting library with an extremely simple property interface. Gigasoft regularly works with the largest and most technical organizations building the most serious desktop charting solutions. We have solved charting problems for over 20 years and our simple property oriented api simplifies success and maximizes your professional appeal.

    • Includes WPF, WinForm, and 100% Native MFC C++ Charting Demos for your comparison.
    • Size, Shape, Right Click, Export, Zoom (especially date and log scales), Pan, and Rotate.
    • Study the code to understand the ease of use.
    • Your company, team, vendors, and end-users deserve the best research.

    Run the v9 demo... Or...See our Demo Video, and then run the v9 demo.
    link to c# graph demo exe Link to c# chart demo exe

  • Download the evaluation and refer to our Walk-Throughs to quickly get a chart showing.

  • Boost speed and smoothly handle large data-sets. Run our demo and see how it handles real-time data. Example 115 and example 123, a 12 million data point constantly updated audio wav example. Speed and stability ideal for realtime/stripchart and continuous running implementations. When maximum speed is needed, set our RenderEngine property to Direct3D and achieve 60 frames a second or faster; all within a robust feature set, quality rendering, and simple implementation and distribution.

  • ProEssentials is always well-accepted by engineers, scientists, and executives.

  • All interfaces included (Visual Studio.Net WPF, WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, DLL, and VCL). Multiple teams have the freedom to choose their favorite interface while all teams rely on the identical quality charting code-base. EXEs, Web sites, and Internet-Aware EXEs can be mixed and matched as needed.
  • No chance of a road-block; Gigasoft provides quality custom enhancements as needed. Fast, cost effective custom software solutions leveraged from a proven codebase makes Gigasoft's value hard to duplicate. It’s an optional service and those organizations that have used us were extremely satisfied. Rather than forcing a complex implementation that may be difficult to fully implement and maintain, let us create the interface to simply enable your goals. Talk to us.

  • Royalty Free distribution of your client-side EXEs. Included server-side deployment allows placement on one production server.

  • Free Technical Support and Free Maintenance Releases for the life of the product. Simply pick up the phone [817-431-8470] or email support@gigasoft.com for a quick helpful response. Your cost is simply the one-time cost of the license.

  • See our charting, run the demo, or download the eval: download

  • See topic "New v9 Features" within our online documentation or local help system (Start / Programs / ProEssentials / Developer Help) to learn what's new or browse the api.

  • Our attention-to-detail results in less time, less code, and less stress in finishing your real-world charting projects. Plus ProEssentials is very fast and the look and feel is hard to beat.

ProEssentials one time pricing includes maintenance, support, and distribution. Divide price by the many years you expect your software to be in service. There's no greater value, or simpler maintenance.

ProEssentials v9 Pro:    $3199.00       (Upgrade price from v8-v5 Pro  $1799.00) (Gov and Edu pricing $2899) No data limitation.  Don't worry about reaching limits, when the need arises, your progress won't be delayed or compromised.
Per developer, Includes 3 plus years maintenance, support, and perpetual use and royalty free distribution.

ProEssentials v9 Standard:    $1799.00     (Upgrade price from v8-v5 Standard  $1299.00) 8000 data point limit and 800 graph annotation limit. Great for client-side and server-side implementations with small data sets.
Per developer, Includes 3 plus years maintenance, support, and perpetual use and royalty free distribution.


Featured Implementation:

Scientific Graphing with Components As seen on The History Channel, episode American Volcano, Mega Disasters series.
© 2016, A&E Television Networks.

The USGS uses ProEssentials in a variety of scientific graphing applications that monitor seismic, acoustic flow, and various other early warning data related to active volcanoes.

Scientific Graphing and Charting

Featured Implementation:

Chart Component for strip chart, technical charts, oscilloscope software, and more. As seen on The Learning Channel, Rides series. © 2016 Discovery Communications Inc.

If you watch custom car television, you've seen ProEssentials on TV many times. For years, all the top dynamometer manufacturers such as Mustang Dynamometer, DynoJet and Super Flow use ProEssentials.

Embedded Chart Component

Featured Implementation:

We recently had an idea to cross research our customer data base with youtube videos and gosh darn we were impressed by how many videos we found. We don't feel comfortable publicly sharing our list as we saw our charts in monster software information systems in monster industries, and saw our charts embedded into monster machines in monster industries. So much so we don't want to upset our customers. But here is one example that Klippel wont mind us sharing.

Klippel's DB-LAB is a great tool for engineering and analyzing speakers and sound.
Granted this free app could benefit from using our latest, it is a great implementation of our tool, useful, popular, and easy to install and use on any PC.

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Online developer reference

Complete online technical reference to the ProEssentials product. Our .NET Reference is the best mechanism to navigate the large quantity of properties and features.  Walk-Throughs of charting, in VB.NET, C#, ASP, VC, and Delphi get you started quickly.

charting components help


See our interactive desktop charting. Self extracting demo, or Download the eval for our complete demo and development package.

charting demo


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