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ProEssentials Chart Component Embedded into Dynamometer

Embedded Chart Component on The Learning Channel, Rides series. Copyright © Discovery Communications Inc. BCII.

Funny fact, this exact car shows up in the XBox game 'Forza Motosport'.

If you watch custom car television, you've seen the ProEssentials Chart Component on TV many times. All the top dynamometer manufacturers such as Mustang Dynamometer, DynoJet, and Super Flow use ProEssentials as their charting engine embedded into their dynaometers (dynamometer, 'dyno', is a device for simultaneously measuring the torque and rotational speed of an engine, motor or other rotating prime mover so that its instantaneous power may be calculated, and usually displayed by the dynamometer itself as kW or bhp.)

Many of the charts on television and the internet of Horse-Power/Torque vs RPM will likely be ProEssentials in action.

A Lexus GS 430 on the Dyno from Season One, Episode 5: 'Rods' This episode takes the engine from a GS430 and packs it into an IS300.

Charting Component embedded within Dynamometer and other industrial equipment.

The following image shows the Dyno's resulting chart of Horsepower vs RPM.

The blue and red text are what we call graph annotations. ProEssentials has an extensive annotation mechanism. Within our chart components online help, see Chapter 6, Section 3 titled 'Annotations'. Reading will teach you the different types of annotations that can be easily added via our chart components.

.Net Chart Component Embedded within Dyno showing Dyno results.

From Season 2: Episode 2, 'Soccer Mom'. This episode super-charges a Ford Expedition.

Winforms charting component embedded within dyno testing horsepower.

Dyno Results: Chart of Horsepower and Torque vs RPM

Similar to above chart, graph annotations are placing red and blue text in top-left corner. This chart adds extra annotations for torque. This chart places torque on the right y axis and is a simple multi-axis example. ProEssentials supports up to 16 left and 16 right y axes. These axes can be overlapped into 6 overlapping regions. Overlapped regions will cause the extra axes to stack to the left and right of the chart. Within our chart component help, see Chapter 6, Section 7 titled 'Multiple Y Axes' for a thorough description on creating charts with many axes.

Via our properties, once you define how your subsets are divided among multiple y axes, and optionally overlapped, then the developer can programmatically show and or hide subsets and ProEssentials will automatically show or hide necessary axes. There is also an optional user interface that allows the end-user to hide and show subsets.

Wpf Chart Component embedded within Dyno showing horsepower results.

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