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ProEssentials v8 Maintenance Info


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 7/09/18.

1) The only difference is the ActiveX controls are updated.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/27/18.

1) Fixed a problem with hatch filled graphics with RenderEngine = Direct2D.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 5/7/18.

1) Fixed a problem with wrong pen colors when Subsets greater than 250 combined with ZoomWindow showing all subsets, stressing pen resources.
2) Fixed a problem with RenderEngine = Direct2D, combined with x axis annotations feature showing vertical text. The image"s overall translation was being reset to 0,0 when 0.5,0.5 is needed to produce sharp single pixel wide lines.
3) Fixed DisableStackedPercentMenus which was not properly hiding the menus.
4) Fixed LineSymbolThickness feature which was not controlling the symbol line widths. Set to a value of 3 for 2 pixel widths, Set to 4 for 3 pixel widths, etc.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/23/18.

1) Fixed a crash related to Direct3D Pe3do and hotspots with very small data sets.
2) Added CustomizeDlgEvent message/event to trigger when Cancel is selected and ModelessAutoClose closes the property sheet, controlled with new property PEP_bCUSTOMIZEDLGCANCELMSG. DialogResult property can be read within this event.
3) PEpartialcreatemeta now supports Direct2D.
4) Fixed an issue with hatchfill graph annotatations for rectangles.
5) Arrows and vectors and pointer_arrows and pointer_vectors now use GraphAnnotMinSymbolSize and MaxiumSymbolsSize settings.
6) AreaStacked and Pesgo controls had rendering issues, GdiPlus and Direct2D was not rendering.
7) Fixed RenderEngine Direct3D for Pesgo, Bmp and Jpg was disabled.
8) Tweaked spacing for table annotations BorderType = inset was too thick.
9) Fixed Direct2D bug with triangle symbols, triangle symbols were randomly flashing while resizing, the border was drawn, but the fill was not.
10) Fixed Pe3do Polymode 3dbar, subsetlabels were being deleted.
11) Fixed polar charts to support arrow and vector annotations.
12) Fixed Pego DateTimeMode and CursorPromptStyle incorrectly showing date string.
13) Fixed GraphAnnotationBold/Italic/UnderLine were accidently limited to 360 annotations.
14) Fixed zooming Pesgo with OverlapMultiAxes, MultiAxes, and hidden subsets which caused missing left or right axes.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/31/17.

1) New Winform C# and VB.NET example projects using tableLayoutPanel and now in VS2013 format.
2) Fixed a flickering issue for Pe3do controls, while AutoRotation = True, single clicking vertical scrollbar caused a flickering.
3) Fixed an issue with the .NET controls customization dialog where bottom OK Cancel buttons were too close to border.
4) Improved the export dialog for the common scenario where both AllowWmfExport and AllowEmfExport are false, the bitmap export type radio buttons Bmp, Jpeg, Png shift to the left to align with group border.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/22/17.

1) WPF interfaces were improved related to several issues. With our WPF interface is compiled with .Net 4.5.2 which is a more stable WPF platform. Your projects may need to be ported to 4.5.2. Our WPF demo project is now in VS2013 format.
2) WPF fix where Win10 was introducing occasional drawing glitches/tearing in the Pe3do 3D Direct3D rendering. Some systems showed the issue more than others but it was a terrible on some systems with fast hardware. The fix required changes to PEGRP32G.DLL etc so be sure to include all latest DLLs in your new distribution (refer to Chapter 2 .NET Deployement section in PEONLREF.CHM for a reminder.)
3) WPF fix where on exit of your .net exe an exception happend on some systems.
4) WPF fix to support Remote Desktop execution of your WPF application. Pe3do 3D Direct3D rendering over Remote Desktop isn"t ideal as Remote Desktop systems rarely have dedicated graphics hardware but no crashes. Our 2D controls run very nice over Remote Desktop.
5) The PixelSizingThreshold property default value was increased to 4501 pixels as the new MS Surface is super high resolution and other super high resolution monitors may be likely.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 12/7/16.

1) Fixed an issue with QuickStyle set to LightLine when BitmapGradientMode was set True and RenderEngine set to Direct3D.
2) Fixed an issue with Pesgo control, RenderEngine = Direct3D, and calling PEreset, PEload, PEloadfromfile was not fully reinitializing Direct3D state.
3) Improved ZoomWindow feature, dragging left edge of zoomwindow was not viewing the left most data in some scenarios.
4) Fixed .NET example projects, examples 030, where numeric and date data was causing a conversion/parsing error when ran on a non-english culture system.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/02/16.

1) Re-written VCL interfaces for Embarcadero Delphi and Builder. See the readme file in the Delphi or Builder folder for installation notes and info. Improves support for Builder and 64 bit and includes improved demos.
2) .Net WPF interfaces are now signed as the Winforms.
3) Fixed issue with Pe3do and 3D bars and Waterfalls where too dense a grid caused an exception.
4) Fixed Pesgo, MouseWheelZooming, and zooming inward near the maximum scale and the zooming outward near the minimum scale was showing a scale beyond the original unzoomed chart.
5) Fixed an issue with Pe3do 3d surface plots and hot spots on small charts like 10 Subsets x 7 Points.
6) Fixed an issue with Pe3do, InvertedXAxis, InvertedYAxis, InvertedZAxis and "-0" showing where "0" should be shown.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 07/18/16.

1) Improves Pesgo top x axis grid number placement when the XAxisVertNumbering feature is enabled.
2) Fixed Pe3do Direct3D scatter data hot spot logic which was not supporting double precision data. UsingXDataII, UsingYDataII, UsingZDataII.
3) Fixed a memory leak related to Direct3D / RenderEngine = 5 where dragging a chart to a second monitor as part of a dual monitor system, then sizing and destroying the control caused a memory leak.
4) The properties MouseWheelZoomFactor3D and MouseWheelZoomFactor now support setting negative values which reverse the mouse wheel action. For example, for 2d charts, change demo example 106 by adding Pesgo1.PeUserInterface.Scrollbar.MouseWheelZoomFactor = -1.2F; and for 3d charts, change example 403 to Pe3do1.PeUserInterface.Scrollbar.MouseWheelZoomFactor = -2.5F;


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/17/16.

1) Fixes a memory leak related to RenderEngine = 5, Direct3D Pe3do implementations.
2) Adds #define PEP_nDXTRANSPARENCYMODE 1988 // 0=None, 1=OIT: Currently set with PEnset. For example, setting this to 1 for example 403 will invoke order independent transparency and the image will look coorect at any direction. As one expects, enabling OIT does incur a performance hit but nothing like trying to sort triangles on a per update basis.
3) Adds support for Pesgo setting RenderEngine = 5/Direct3D and PlottingMethod of Point. In other words, adds 2D scatter and mixing points and lines with Direct3D technology. It is very fast. Only square, diamond, uptriangle, downtriangle for now, we will add more. ComparisonSubsets, RYAxisComparisonSubsets or the alternate method of PlottingMethods[ ] works. PointSize, SubsetPointSizes supported. If you use MinimumPointSize and MaximumPointSize, use them both and set to same value, it will result in fixed point sizes, else if neither is used, the Pointsize will scale with image. PointColors, SubsetPointTypes, SubsetForPointColors and SubsetsForPointTypes are suppported. No hot spots for now but soon (if needed use your own bisection approach with sorted xdata).
4) Adds #define PEP_structGRAPHANNOTPOLYDATA 1985 for use with Pe3do RenderEngine = 5/Direct3D. Works as PEP_structPOLYDATA, but for Direct3D annotations. For example, drawing multiple surfaces could be accomplished with this feature. Expect a simplified interface to add canned annotations too. This feature is best for complex annotations being added to a Direct3D scene along with regular surface or scatter data.
5) Adds multi sampling depth control for Direct3D. #define PEP_nDXMSAA 1989 // 0=default 8 samples, else 1=1, or 2=4. Likely not needed but if speed is critical then reducing the samples or disabling MSAA is now an option.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 08/05/15.

1) Fixes PngToStream and other stream features for AnyCpu and x64 .Net interfaces (Winform/Wpf) when ran as 64 bit.
2) Fixes Direct3D 2D charts Graph and Scientific Graph real-time updating with AppendYData.
3) Adds support for Direct3D 2D charting Graph and Scientific Graph zooming while real-time updating.
4) Fixes Direct2D rendering of VertLineAnnotation text with vertical justified text.
5) Improves drop shadow behind bars and adds Show3dShadows to disable the drop shadow on bars when DataShadows is set to 3D.
6) Adds MinimumSize feature to override the 75 pixel minimum control size to help with placing dozens of charts on a screen.
7) Fixes zoomed polar chart grids when ZeroDegreeOffset and/or InvertedXAxis was used.
8) Fixes customization dialog issue when MainTitle and or SubTitle is more than 128 characters.
9) Fixes GdiPlus Horizontal Stacked Bar with negative stacked data, bar-glass effect was not drawing
10) Ported OCXs to later Visual Studio and now includes 64 bit OCXs (within x64/ActiveX64 folder) for MS Office x64.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/7/15.

1) Fixed WPF AnyCpu flavor Gigasoft.ProEssentialsWpf.Dll which had a drawing bug when ran on 64 bit. This issue did not show when ran as 32 bit but this change was also made in the x86 and x64 flavors to also help guarantee stability. Its recommended to use this latest Gigasoft.ProEssentialsWpf.Dll. Developers may have not recognized this bug but it was resulting in slow redraws.
2) Fixed Embarcadero Delphi and Builder demo project setup files to include icon file missing from project files.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 11/28/14.

1) Fixes Direct3D 3D x and z scale construction problems related to grid lines and axis labels.
2) Added support for Direct3D surface picking / hotspots. See examples 400, 402, 403 for this and below features.
3) Added Direct3D 3D surface CursorPromptTracking feature. CursorPromptStyle supports Y and XYZ options.
4) Added Direct3D 3D surface charting new property HighlightColor. Highlights the polygons under the mouse and current target of CursorPromptTracking.
5) Fixed issues related to 2D and 3D contour legends and larger magnitude data / small maginutde data / large data with small variation. If coding 2D contours, test your projects after upgrading to this release.
6) Pesgo 2D contours, added support for UsingZDataII and ZDataII double precision z data as this was needed to support large magnitude data with small variations in data.
7) Fixed flcker in example 411 realtime introduced by
8) Fixed Pe3do 3D customization dialog style/color/subset color where wireframe color change caused exception.
9) Fixed Pesgo 2D contour lines plotting method not rendering lines with RenderEngine = Direct2D.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 10/14/14.

1) Fixed a divide by zero error mostly seen in Delphi and DateTime scaling.
2) Fixed a problem with assigning more than 200 colors within a Direct3d contoured surface plotting method. Currently only 200 color divisions are supported.
3) Fixed an issue with Point PlottingMethod styles in legacy Gdi RenderEngine setting, for Pego control, zoomed data was not scrolling.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/15/14.

1) Fixes Direct3D 3D x and z scale construction problems related to grid lines and axis labels.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/24/14.

1) Represents the first formal release of v8 after a year-long beta of evolving Direct2D, Direct3D, and WPF features.