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ProEssentials v5 Maintenance Info


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/4/10.

Windows 7 breaks ProEssentials 5. The open/save dialog as part of our export dialog causes the app to shut down. We never thought Microsoft"s CFileDialog would cause a future issue but it has. v5.0.1.0 is compiled with a later version compiler and later MFCs, same as our v6 which does not have an issue with Win 7. Because of the change in compiler, V5.0.1.0 also contains the same png and jpeg engine as our v6. Given v5 was released in 2003, most customers have upgraded to v6, but for those who have not, this release resolves Win 7 compatibility.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 10/08/08.

1) More DayLightSavings enhancements. Added support for setting the TM structures weekDay member. Thus the day light threshold now supports the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or last occurrence of a defined weekDay. The default is weekDay = zero for Sunday. The .NET interfaces have been modified to overload the related functions offering the weekDay setting. If using ActiveX interfaces, it will require a PEvsetW DLL call to set this, just initialize the weekDay member as needed prior to PEvsetW call. This feature was needed to support new day light savings thresholds for many international customers.
2) Fixed a glitch related to a few data ranges and Pesgo XAxis Date Time Scales, related to DayLightSavings hour threshold of 00 or Midnight previous day. Also added support for setting hour to 24, or Midnight current day. This feature was needed to support new day light savings thresholds for many international customers.
3)Fixed a Floating Horizontal Stacked Bar problem showing within some charting scenarios.
4) Fixed a problem with combining features MultiAxesSizing and X AxisHotSpots.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/16/08.

The main DLL has not changed, only the .NET interfaces to the DLL have changed with this version.
1)Fixed an issue with Pe3do Winforms and dragging vertical cursor thumb-button to upper half of scrollbar.
2) Coded a work-around for a bug in the Framework when realtime updating Pesgo Winform controls and simultaneous zooming caused the scrollbar/non-client low-level drawing functionality to corrupt.
3) Fixed WinForms and Webforms CustomMenuText limitation of 256 characters, adjusted to 1024.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 02/04/08.

1) Fixed an issue with CursorMode and CursorPromptTracking combined with TXAxisComparisonSubsets.
2) Fixed an issue with movable GraphAnnotations combined with data requiring high precision.
3) Improved fonts and rendering quality by reducing proportional font sizes for very long and narrow charts.
4) Serialization was storing cursor handles and this has been removed. Serialization will now restore cursors
to default internal cursors settings. This could potentially alter current code behavior but would be very rare. If setting custom hand or arrow mouse cursors and temporarily persisting, you will have to reset your custom cursor settings upon your restore.
5) Fixed Daylight savings for cases where Hour setting is zero. NewFoundland time for example.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 09/23/07.

1) Fixed an issue with Pesgo Scientific graphs and Bar PlottingMethod when XData was different between subsets.
2) Fixed a bug where ScrollingVertZoom = True and AllowZooming = HorzPlusVert caused a glitch in inital rendering.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 07/23/07.
1) Fixed a potential divide-by-zero error with small ranged y axis scales, zoomed into a smaller range while ScrollingVertZoom = True.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 07/18/07.
1) Bug fixed related to hundreds of VertLineAnnotations and HorzLineAnnotations using too many pens.
2) Fix related to potential crash for applications implementing a real-time Pesgo control and using ScrollingHorzZoom = True on Vista.
3) .Net 2.0 Winform and WebForm controls are now compiled for platform x86 rather than anycpu which allows applications to run on 64Bit XP and Vista via WOW64.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 02/25/07.
1) User Menu leak resolved related to Polar Charts unique to Rose Chart configuration.
2) Modified our WebForm controls rendering binary content by added binary Content-Type header info.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 02/01/07.

1) Fixed an issue with customization dialog plot tab, occasionally showing two Candle-Stick plotting method selections.
2) Pie chart"s ManualSliceLabelLength feature was fixed.
3) Fixed an issue with DayLightSavings features and new 2007 day light settings.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 11/07/06.

1) Fixed an issue with using both LineGapThreshold and NullDataGaps with PointsPlusLine PlottingMethod.
2) Fixed an issue with DayLightSavings where the FallDayLight feature wasn"t working properly for certain settings.
3) Fixed an issue with metafile export to clipboard of a zoomed chart showing small amounts of garbage along border of chart.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/21/06.

1) Fixed ActiveXs drawing problem within Internet Explorer. Related to Microsoft article Q233391. The work-around Microsoft publishes didn"t work, though we found our own solution and hope that this finally resolves the issue..
2) Fixed a bug when an axis only had a secondary/right y axis (no left axis), zooming and unzooming was corrupting the axes.
3) Fixed a bug with 3D surfaces when RotationDetail = Full and AnnotationsOnSurfaces = True.
4) Fixed a bug with PlottingMethods() and defining more than 250 subsets. Fix alters how GDI objects are cached. Possibly could introduce other issues if also using PointColors() for this large number of subsets.
5) Added clipping support to PEpartialresetimage functionality (example 020).
6) Fixed a bug with PointColorLineAdj. When set to True, was not causing the "Mark Data Point" symbol to apply correct color.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 7/10/06.

1) Fixed a bug with stacked bar charts and point indices with all null data.
2) Fixed a bug introduced with 5056 related to x axis improvements and certain very small sized charts.
3) A Rose Plot improvement.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/8/06.

1) Fixed a bug with LogScaleExpLabels = False that was not centering x axis grid numbers.
2) Added both Framework 2.0 and 1.1 binaries for WinForm and WebForm interfaces giving developers a choice of framework version.
3) Keyboard interface F, C, and U keys were mostly useful for v3 and v5 users are likely not using. These keys have been removed from our interface allowing your own interface to use these as needed.
4) A few customers porting from v3 to v5 wanted the axis tab to still be present when in a zoomed state, now a chart in a zoomed state will show the axis page instead of hiding it.
5) DataHotSpotLimit was forced to 900000, now DataHotSpotLimit property will allow the data hot spot threshold to be set beyond 900000. Related to DataHotLimit, MouseCursorControl was not automatically setting CursorPoint correctly to move cursor to point clicked.
6) Related to contour legends. 2D contour legend improved to prevent an occasional extra legend at maximum end. For 2D, if ManualZAxisLine is non-zero and ManualScaleControlZ = 1 or 3, then legend is forced to start at ManualMinZ. 3D legend logic was altered to identically match the 2D legend.
7) CursorMode = PECM_POINT, adjusted so that if datapoint is above/below viewable portion of chart, the vertical line is still visible. Matches how v3 behaved.
8) Fixed a bug where under certain conditions, the scales did not exactly match up with the data.
9) Fixed a bug with Pesgo where the right most x axis grid label would randomly show or hide if on chart's edge.
10) Fixed Pepso, Rose Plots were not hiding legend when PEP_bSHOWLEGEND was FALSE. This potentially can break Rose chart code so make a note to test Rose charts with this update. You may need to set ShowLegend = True.
11) Fixed sporatic problem with ghost cursor lines when CursorMode > 3 and launching popup menu.
12) Fixed a bug with Logscales combined with best fit lines/curves and numbers less than 1e0.
13) Fixed a bug with Stacked Percentage charts and built in table when all subset values are zero and non-null.
14) Added a little extra axis padding for TableAnnotation locations (TALocation) InsideTopRight, InsideCenterRight, and InsideBottomRight.
15) Fixed a small GDI leak within customization dialog when PEP_nCHARSET is non zero (Far East language implementations.)
16) Added a new function to switch language resources. PEchangeresources( szFileName, nNewCharSet, bUpdateCharSet). See Chapter 6, Localization in help system for more info.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 11/14/05.

1) ShowTickMarkRY and ShowTickMarkTX set to OutSide was not always working.
2) 3D Chart"s ManualContourScaleControl was not persisted correctly.
3) ActiveXs were causing a small memory leak when using CustomGridNumber event based axis formatting.
4) Polar charts now support GraphAnnotMovable = True.
5) Improved grid construction when data is very small, in the area of e-8 to e-12.
6) Fixed an issue with very small data and zero grid line label when using CustomGridNumber events.
7) Fixed an issue with moveable graph annotations where their location was potentially incorrect during printing.
8) Fixed an issue When PointsToGraphVersion and ZoomInterfaceOnly were non zero, chart was not zooming.
9) Improved the MFC OnPrint preview example code found in Chapter 5 DLL/MFC Printing.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 08/16/05.

1) Improved retrieving properties and calling functions from within a web project or when PEcreate is called with a zero parent handle. GetRectGraph, GetRectAxis, PEconvpixeltograph were not working within an ASP.NET project as the server object had no parent handle. These functions now work as expected. Call ResetImage(nWidth, nHeight) prior to calling these functions within this scenario.
2) PNG rendering to file or binary stream was occasionally producing a corrupted bitmap. This has been addressed.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/5/05.

1) Fixed VertLineAnnotationText with |t justification code combined with LegendStyle set to OneLineTopOfAxis was causing clipping of annotation text.
2) Bubble charts now support PEP_fNULLDATAVALUEZ to control visibility and processing of NullData for Bubble ZData.
3) Fixed SubsetObstacles not working with OpenHighLowClose or CandleStick charts when DataShadows was nonzero.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 06/12/05.

1) Improved serialization to serializing more than 64K pointlabels.
2) Added read only property array #define PEP_naWORKINGAXESTOGRAPH 3192. Use with PEvget to determine quantity of axes currently shown and their respective axis indices. Zooming and adjusting RandomSubsetsToGraph can effect WorkingAxesToGraph. With this feature it is now possible to retrieve PEP_rectAXIS coordinates after zooming.
3) Improved Waterfall charts. If SubsetLineTypes is defined for all Subsets, then SubsetLineTypes will control bounding line style for each waterfall slice. Else, all bounding lines are solid. Setting to a type of -1 will cause a null pen or no border bounding water fall slices.
4) Fixed CursorMode to also work with PlottingMethods() property array.
5) PieChart with setting of ShowPieLabels = None was occasionally showing unnecessary tick lines.
6) Fixed a bug within 3D object if first data points are Null, Plottingmethod set to Points+Line, caused a missing line segment at start of subset.
7) Fixed a bug with Pie charts when ShowPieLegend = True was used with a small sized chart caused the pie to be clipped.
8) Fixed a bug where if changing the Delimiter property, it broke the moveable graph annotations feature.
9) Fixed a bug when CustomGridNumbersY=True and data was very large or very small and AutoScaleData was True.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/11/05.

1) Rose Plots enhanced to support setting ManualMaxY.
2) GraphAnnotation Hot Spot performance improvements.
3) Fixed a potential problem which could cause too small a font when exporting charts.
4) Fixed a rare but potential problem with .NET interfaces disposing resources in a multi-threaded implementation.
5) Fixed a bug with Scientific Graphs implementing PlottingMethods() and the Bar Plotting style.
6) Fixed a bug if a GraphAnnotationText string"s second char was a V, and annotations were designated moveable, string would switch to vertical orientation upon moving.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/11/05.

1) GraphDataLabels = True and AllowDataLabels = None was causing some performance issues as if labels were attempting to be placed.
2) Added support for PlottingMethods property array and combinations of HorzBars, Lines, and Points.
3) Improved hotspots when hotspots are on top of an axis border where sometimes they would not fire.
4) Fixed a bug if the only customization tab enabled was the Axis page and a zoomed chart launched the customziation dialog, it was causing a crash.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 2/10/05.

1) Fixed a GDI leak related to limited situations of 3D Bars plots combined with a Line plot associated on the right y axis.
2) General documentation and demo improvements.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 12/02/04.

1) Fixed an issue with line charts containing all null data causing a debug warning.
2) Improved use of floating cross-hair cursor and zooming.
3) Fixed PNG/JPEG Web based export which was not clipping axes correctly.
4) PointsToGraph ActiveX property was changed from type short to type long.
5) Added a VB.NET printing example to print two images without dialog intervention.
6) Improved C#.NET printing example to show use of PeFont.DpiX and PeFont.DpiY use.
7) General improvements in .NET example projects.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 11/07/04.

1) .NET interfaces added a few properties to match what the ActiveX and DLL had available.
2) Pie chart, improved support for alternate legend combined with LegendStyle = PELS_1_LINE.
3) Graph, improved horizontal bar charts where right margin sizing was poorly associated with left margin size.
4) Improved YAxis log scales to better label grid lines when a small range is displayed.
5) Fixed an issue with GraphDataLabels and use of PlottingMethods() property array and line charts.
6) Fixed a problem with CustomMenu property array interface for WinForm and Webform interfaces.
7) Fixed MinimumPointSize, FixedLineWidth, and FixedSPMWidth for the WebForm interfaces.
8) Fixed InvertedXAxis, InvertedYAxis, and InvertedZAxis with 3D surface charts.
9) Fixed PEcopymetatofile export function which was causing a GDI leak.
10) Improved movable graph annotations of type PEGAT_POINTER to support right y axis placement.
11) Text export logic was altered to export a space " " character to represent a null data value.
12) Fixed LegendStyle = InsideOverlap when more than two lines of legends are present.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 10/08/04.

1) Improved the Delphi example project for Delphi7.
2) A few improvements to the electronic documentation.
3) Fixed a bug associated with Axis Tab within Customization Dialog. Now large/small data values are better handled.
4) Fixed movable graph annotations to better work with very large or small magnitude data.
5) GraphAnnotationSizeCntl was not working for 3D charts. This has now been enabled.
6) 3d Contour charts of very large or small magnitude data was causing problems. This has been fixed.
7) DataHotSpots were improved for the PieChart object which had no way to signify the *Other slice was clicked. Now, if the *Other slice is clicked, or its label clicked, you should test for this case by looking for the value 999 in the point index.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/30/04.

1) Polar hot spots were broke by recent HotSpot improvements made in 5030.
2) Improved 3d graph"s contour legend to match scientific graph"s contour legend.
3) Added Webform ObjectDescription property to attach description text to the ActiveX object tag to make your web pages government 508 (visually impaired) compliant.
4) Improved performance of .NET data binding features.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/10/04.

1) Improved manually setting grid tick frequency when trying to produce more than 25 ticks per grid line.
2) Fixed an issue where PEP_ptLASTMOUSEMOVE with polar charts where coordinates were off by one pixel.
3) Added PEP_nDPIX (2148) and PEP_nDPIY (2149). Generally set to 600, or 1200 to help with exporting metafiles
to clipboard, file, or for low-level printing. This will allow for better fontsize size logic as well as supporting fixed font size among multiple exports with varying sized charts. We recommend you set these properties to 600 or 1200 if metafile exporting is an important part of your project and the metafile will be printed with GradientBars non-zero. If not using GradientBars and charting less than 400 data points, then setting to 96 DPI will likely be the best setting as output to screen and printer will be high quality.
4) Added PEP_nGRADIENTBARSHIRES (2151) Allows for improved gradient bar control targeted to high-res output such
as printer or metafile export. For example, GradientBars may be set to 8 for screen, but this is likely too small for a 1200 dpi printer. This new property is enabled when non-zero and image generated is more than 2000 units wide.
5) Added PEP_bTABLEFONTBOLD (2144) PEP_bTABLEFONTITALIC (2146) and PEP_bTABLEFONTUNDERLINE (2147) allowing for more control of font style used for data within Graph Objects table (See GraphPlusTable).
6) Added support for PEP_bALLOWAXISPAGE (2937) for Polar Charts.
7) Fixed NoGridlineMultiples when set True was causing a problem with AltFrequencies for the Graph Object.
8) Improved an issue with exporting metafiles of bar plots with 700 or more bars. Due to the nature of metafiles and how scaling can alter how logical coordinates can map to physical coordinates. There were times that the bars were invisible. This has been improved by tweaking the size of bars for metafile exports. This can cause some minor bar overlap but this is better than missing bars.
9) Fixed a hot spot issue where hot spots were being created in an adjacent axis when manually scaling axes to cause data to extend (clipped) beyond its own axis.
10) Added CustomMenu, CustomMenuState, CustomMenuLocation, and CustomMenuText to the object"s persistence. Now preparing custom menus on the server is possible when rendering an ActiveX to the browser via ASP or ASP.NET.
11) Fixed an issue with ForceRightYAxis = True and AutoMinMaxPadding = 0 which was causing an image generation problem.
12) Fixed SubsetObstacles logic which was disabled for Bar plotting method if DataShadows were enabled.
13) Fixed SubsetObstacles logic which was causing a random problem when implemented via ASP.NET or ASP.
14) Improved spline and best-fit-curve drawing logic to abandon an attempt to draw the associated data-line-portion when zoomed to an extreme extent away from the associated data. Drawing logic was being delayed making sure data did not bisect chart area.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 7/11/04.

1) Fixed an instability related to dynamically rendering ActiveX states within IE6.
2) Recent GraphAnnotation smart label improvements exposed a problem with 3D charts and annotation placement. This has been fixed.
3) WebForm .NET server controls updated to add codebase attribute to activex object tag.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/23/04.

1) Related to MarkDataPoints with PointColors with Line Plotting Method, Mark Data Point symbols were in the wrong color.
2) AutoMinMaxPadding was being disabled if ForceRightYAxis = True.
3) Within built-in Maximized Dialog, Esc key was causing a lock-up when implementing the ActiveX interfaces within an MFC based dialog.
4) Pie Chart improvement of drop shadow when DataShadows is set to 3D.
5) Fixed a problem related to SliceStartLocation and XData where a specific data sequence and slice start location was corrupting chart image.
6) Added a property to the PieChart control.... #define PEP_nMANUALRADIUS = 3929. Sets the radius as a percentage of control width. For example,
if the control is 1000 pixels wide and this property is set to 20, then the pie"s radius will be 20% or 200 pixels. The default value of zero disables
this feature and the radius is a function of PieLabel lengths and positions. This property is needed in cases where you want multiple pie charts
in a window with all the same radius. Each control should then have the same size.
.NET developers set this new property like...
Gigasoft.ProEssentials.Api.PEnset(Pepco1.PeSpecial.hObject, 3929, 20)
VB developers set this new property like...
Call PEnset(Pepco1, 3929, 20)
7) Fixed PElaunchtextexport when attempting to export to a file from a non-modal export dialog.
8) Improved table annotation mechanism to support 1 vertically oriented header row to be used as an extended axis label and axis legend mechanism. So the table only consists of 1 row, n columns, where all columns are vertical because TAHeaderRow = 1. Set TARows = 1, TAHeaderRows = 1, TAHeaderOrientation to 90 or 270 degrees, TALocation to Left_Center or Right_Center.
9) HotSpotSize property now helps control hot spot size of line annotations and graph annotations drawing lines.
10) Improved metafile export when supplying a specific size. Selecting too large a size was causing problems.
11) Fixed exporting a polar chart metafile with BitmapGradientMode = True which was causing a clipping problem.
12) Points Plus Line plotting method and LineGapThreshold was not working based off absolute value of xdata difference.
13) Bar drawing improvement when more than 2000 bars are rendered and bars are positioned less than a pixel apart.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/30/04.

1) Important improvement: Version 4 and 5 introduced new text dodging logic for graph annotation text. This dodging logic slowed down drawing graph annotations and also altered the logic in that explicitly justified text was drawn first followed by any dodging text. Now, setting GraphAnnotTextDodge = 0 will disable text dodging logic and it"s respective overhead. This will speed up drawing graph annotations as well as always draw them in sequence. If you are using many graph annotations, you may want to set GraphAnnotTextDodge = 0 to speed up rendering.
2) Includes another fix related to automatic graph annotation text dodging logic when using MultiAxesStyle = 0. Text near edge of an internal axis border was getting clipped.
3) Added GraphAnnotationSizeCntl: Allows global tweaking of all graph annotation symbol sizes.
4) Added documentation for GraphAnnotBackColor, GraphAnnotTextDodge, GraphAnnotTextLocation, SubsetObstacles, ScrollingScaleControl.
5) Includes a DayLightSavings DateTime logic fix with respect to European DST.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/26/04.

1) Fixed a metafile export issue related to auto-positioning or dodging of annotation text.
2) Added Chinese resources.
3) Fixed Japanese/Chinese character keyboard input within our dialogs.
4) International resource DLLs had a problem with use of PlottingMethods property array along with respective customization dialog tab.
5) Drop shadow effect was fixed for table subset labels and table text.
6) Pesgo and Pepso ActiveX interfaces were pointing to the older developer .hlp file rather than newer .chm file.
7) Bar plotting improved. 3D Bars less than 4 pixel get reverted to shadowed effect and if BarBorderColor is defined, it will now only take effect if bar is at least 4 pixels wide.
8) Pie chart improvement, setting ShowPieLabels = 3 will hide all slice labels. This is useful when ShowPieLegend = True.
9) More .NET and general documentation improvements.
10) Added PEWN_MBUTTONCLK, PEWN_MBUTTONUP, and PEWN_BUTTONDBLCLK notification events for DLL developers.
11) Improved stacked table annotation drawing logic.
12) Improved moveable graph annotation text to support vertical text justification codes.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/4/04.This is a fairly important update as some rare instabilities were found and addressed. Everyone is encouraged to download this release.

1) Fixed an instability with Polar Charts.
2) Fixed an instability when using multiple ActiveX controls across multiple instances of Internet Explorer.
3) Converted from Winhelp to HtmlHelp and includes new help content.
4) Fixed an issue with graph annotation line drawing and types PEGAT_EXTRATHINSOLID and PEGAT_EXTRAEXTRATHINSOLID.
5) If ExportDestDef is set to File, then browse button and filename editbox are enabled by default within export dialog.
6) Fixed moveable type annotations which were incorrectly moving in combination with OverlapMultiAxes.
7) Improved VertLineAnnotation support for PELAT_GRIDTICK and PELAT_GRIDLINE types within horizontal bar mode.
8) Improved Area plots in cases where all data for an area is null.
9) Improved MinimumPointSize property for controls more taller than wide.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 12/31/03.

1) Fixed F1 keystroke problem within dialogs within certain implementations.
2) Removed shadow on pointing line for 3D Pie Charts.
3) Fixed an issue with ContourStyleLegend = True and left or right legend locations. Labels were offset by one legend location when automatic legend frequency was used.
4) Improved all ActiveX interfaces added PEconvpixeltographEx, GetLastMouseMoveEx, GetRectGraphEx, GetRectAxisEx, GetHotSpotDataEx, GetSpringDayLightEx, GetFallDayLightEx,GetGraphLocEx, GetExtraAxisXEx, and GetExtraAxisTXEx. These new methods work with IE and other VB Script enabled products where variants are required. Refer to new example HTML file "MouseTracking.htm" for more info.
5) Fixed file export functions to allow for more than 128 characters for path+filename.
6) Enabled using PEP_faAPPENDXDATA and PEP_faAPPENDXDATAII with Graph objects to implement real-time charts using DateTimeMode feature.
7) Improved Pie Chart legends for left and right legend locations and single line legend option.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 11/21/03.

1) Fixed problem with table annotations not resizing text to fit correctly.
2) Fixed small memory leak introduced from regarding exporting PNG and JPEGS to file.
3) Graph Annotation placement on edge of chart was being hidden. Changed logic to allow for Graph Annotations to show on edge of axis.
4) Made a logic change to improve speed of drawing or printing line plots with thick lines.
5) Fixed an issue with line plotting when rendering more than 32000 points in one subset. This has to do with the legacy metafile format which can only handle a Polyline GDI call with no more than 32000 vertices.
6) Fixed a potential divide by zero issue related to SubsetObstacles feature and zooming.
7) Added ability to use Top X Axis in conjunction with Scientific Graph"s DateTimeMode.
8) Fixed an issue with 3D PieCharts and more than 26 slices.
9) Fixed an issue with table annotations and header-column text and header-row text always containing a drop-shadow if bold labels are used.
10) Fixed an issue with Plot customization tab with respect to PlottingMethods property being used.
11) Fixed an issue with printing to Amyuni"s PDF print driver.
12) Added a .NET Print Preview Example Project, check it out.
13) The Webform interfaces added a BinaryDataStream RenderingType to be matched with the ActiveX"s
LoadFromURL method. There"s more information in the AspNetReadme file.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/06/03.

1) Fixed problem with GraphPlusTable = Both and a SubsetLabel with more than 64 characters.
2) ScaleForYData, ScaleForRYData, ScaleForXData, and ScaleForTXData are now automatically reset to zero as part of the PEreinitialize call. This improves scenarios where the data is greatly changing in magnitude.
3) Improved GraphAnnotation text dodging logic.
4) Fixed a problem related to zooming a chart using SubsetsToLegend and MultiAxesSubsets features.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/21/03.

1) Fixed an issue with AxisFormat property which wasn"t working correctly when a zero character was inside the prefix or postfix portion.
2) Pie Chart improvement where certain very small slice locations caused a drawing problem. Replaced Pie GDI call with Polygon GDI call.
3) Fixed PointLabel drop shadows for non-bitmap-gradient-mode.
4) Fixed an issue where reducing the Subsets property for a previsously implemented chart was zero-ing out the last data point from the preserved data. Internal logic which pre-allocated memory should not have been called in this scenario.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/12/03.

1) Fixed an scaling/axis issue related to datasets consisting of small values.
2) Improved the 3D objects scaling/axis construction to more closely match Graph/Scientific Graph.
3) Fixed an issue with PieChart forcing too small a font related to a specific slice configuration.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/4/03.

1) Fixed an issue with Customization Dialog Axis Page and DateTimeMode regarding rounding of time value.
2) Fixed an issue with ActiveX interfaces and PointColors property array limited to shorts.
3) Improved metafile export font size consistency.
4) ZoomInterfaceOnly = PEZIO_RECT has been improved to allow for switching between built-in zooming and user-interface rectangle selection. Built-in logic no longer sets ZoomMode = TRUE when ZoomInterfaceOnly is non-zero. If your implementation changes the state of ZoomInterfaceOnly, be sure to test your logic after switching to this version.
5) Fixed a GDI resource leak with respect to Table Annotations and certain table locations.
6) Improved scale construction logic for certain data sets with a minimum of zero.
7) Fixed an issue with small sliver sized controls having problems drawing.
8) Fixed a rounding/pixel problem with horizontal stacked bar charts.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/20/03.

1) Fixed the cursor when MultiAxesSizing is combined with AxisHotSpots.
2) Fixed Polar/Rose plots to better handle Null Data.
3) Fixed Horizontal Bar chart when chart was small and labels mis-aligned.
4) Fixed a pie chart drawing issue related to a large slice at a specific location.
5) Improved error handling for JPEG and PNG file export functions.
6) Fixed a Pie Chart issue when setting size of chart in Form_Load event without first calling PEreinitialize.
7) Fixed an issue with customization dialog and MainTitle or SubTitle longer than 120 characters.
8) We"ve improved vertical line annotations combined with horizontal bars.
Now justification code |B which places text below x axis will place text left of axis when in horizontal bar mode.
Now justification code |T which places text above x axis will place text right of axis when in horizontal bar mode.
9) Fixed axis label hotspot location for right y axis label when YAxisOnRight = TRUE.
10) Fixed an null-data line gap issue when one subset"s last point equals the first point of another subset.
11) Fixed an issue with LeftMargin property combined with MultiAxesSubsets and ShowYAxis = LabelsOnly.
12) Fixed an issue with LogicalLimit property which was broke by v5"s new mapping mode.
13) Fixed as issue with gradients when many stacked bars were used with a few number of points.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 5/20/03.

1) Fixed an issue where Stacked Bars with all null data caused a problem.
2) Fixed but still need to document LegendStyle = 5 and adjust OCX, and .NET interfaces to include this option . Though it can still be used by setting to 5. This legend style is used with LegendLocation on Left and places legends on a per axis basis adjacent to corresponding axis.
3) Fixed GraphAnnotTextDodge / GraphAnnotTextLocation where the dodging logic was partially broken with v5"s new mapping mode.
4) Table Text and Table Annotation Text was not shrinking to fit correctly due to v5"s new mapping mode. Also tweaked this logic to increase the size of the text.
5) MetaFile export was corrupted under certain scenarios due to v5"s new mapping mode.
6) New feature, table spaced Table Annotations located in axis/table now support justification.
You must set TAColumnWidth (expected number of characters in column) for this feature to work properly.
7) Pie Chart would crash if you double clicked zero slice annotation label.
8) New plotting methods for Graph Object, PEGPM_LINESTACKED (30), and PEGPM_LINESTACKEDPERCENT (31). Use the constants 30 and 31 with PlottingMethod property until this is formally documented and included in visual interfaces.
9) Legend was improved by removing shadow effect on legend graphics for monochrome viewing styles.
10) Fixed all stacked style plotting methods which were not adding up exactly due to a slight rounding error introduced by v5"s new mapping mode logic.
11) Added PEP_nMOUSEKEYINDICATOR(2128) to be read/get via PEnget api call when responding to a PEWN_CLICK or PEWN_RBUTTONCLK notification event. This property returns the wparam items for the WM_LBUTTONDOWN message. This feature is primarily for DLL developers.
12) Fixed an issue with small charts and hot spots where the hot spots were disappearing, related to new mapping mode logic.
13) Added the HALFTONE stretchblt option to improve background images using this option.
14) Scientific Graph Object"s DateTime scales have been improved. Text no longer shrinks but scale frequency changes to adapt to varying chart sizes. DateTime Grid Tick marks now solid and vertical text has been slightly padded.
15) Improved logic controlling when scale symbols such as K,G,m,u get used with grid numbers.
16) Fixed a bug related to AutoScaleScrolling property and Scientific Graph where scales would grow if user zoomed to a location with no data.
17) Fixed DateTimeMode DayLightSavings to correctly handle DayLightSavings periods in the Southern Hemisphere where the spring-forward date is later than then fall-backward date.
18) Fixed/Hides the right y axis major grid lines when horizontal bar mode is used along with left and right y axes. This improves the look of the chart and simulates vertical bar logic.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/5/03. v4.1.0.21 mainly adds support for the Japanese language resource file and fixes a few minor image construction glitches.Gigasoft has uploaded version on 11/4/02. v4.1.0.14 fixes the following:

1) Non-BitmapGradient Mode Viewing Style Medium No Border had the wrong table background color;
2) Table hot spots via GraphPlusTable property were improved;
3) Pie Chart OCX interface, GraphGradientEnd property was not enabled, customers had to use DLL to set this property;
4) Fixed printing problem introduced by 4.1 where dashed lines printed as solids on some systems;
5) Fixed floating point error within Delphi / VCL interface upon repeatedly zooming inward;
6) Point symbols which are hollow are now outlined with a slightly thicker line to help show on printouts.


Gigasoft has uploaded version 4.1.012 on 10/22/02. v4.1.0.12 adds the following:

1) PEP_bALLOWDATAHOTSPOTS now functions for all 3D Scientific Graph plotting methods and polymodes. This includes 3D Bar, Surface, Shaded Surface, Contoured Surface, WireFrame and others;
2) 3D Scientific Graphs now support PEP_bALLOWGRIDNUMBERHOTSPOTSX/Y/Z which adds grid number hot spots to the 3D Scientific Graph;
3) related to these new hot spots is a new event named GridNumber which simplifies handling grid number hot spots within the OCX and VCL interfaces;
4) PEP_bALLOWPOINTHOTSPOTS and PEP_bALLOWSUBSETHOTSPOTS now work with the 3D Scientific Graph"s 3D Bar plotting method allowing the user to click row and column grid labels along x and z axes;
5) The Pie Chart now adds PEP_bALLOWDATAHOTSPOTS which allows the user to click the actual pie slice. This compliments the existing use of PEP_bALLOWPOINTHOTSPOTS which allows the user to click the slice label;
6) The Graph, Scientific Graph, Polar, and 3D Scientific Graph add the PEP_dwGRAPHANNOTBACKCOLOR property allowing the option of a non-transparent background color for included graph annotation text.
v4.1.0.12 fixes the following:
1) hot spots now enabled for slanted text beneath x axis for the Graph Object;
2) a potential custom menu bug was fixed;
3) a recently introduced stacked bar percent bug is fixed;
4) bar chart drawing issue fixed regarding null data values;
5) a potential 3D bar drawing problem is fixed.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 10/11/02. v4.1.0.10 adds:

PEGAT_NOSYMBOLMOVABLE (104) to the list of GraphAnnotationTypes. This feature places text as an annotation and the text will reposition as desired via GraphAnnotTextLocation to prevent overlapping. PEGAT_NOSYMBOL on the otherhand will explicitly position text without consideration of overlapping.
v4.1.0.10 also fixes:
1) the "|L" justification code for GraphAnnotationText;
2) the "|r" justification code for HorzLineAnnotationText;
3) overlapping legend and multisubtitle when LegendLocation was on left and LegendStyle was set to PELS_1_LINE.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/30/02. v4.1.0.9 fixes the following:

1) a potential line drawing problem with GraphAnnotations introduced by v4.1"s new annotation text positioning logic;
2) GlobalFontSizeCntl property not enabled with FixedFonts;
3) BMP and JPEG export to clipboard fixed for Win98.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/23/02. v4.1.0.7 fixes the following:

1) added Graph Annotation hot spots at corners of RECT and ROUNDRECT annotations and hot spots at rect mid locations for ELLIPSEs;
2) enhanced v4 so that it can switch between ZoomInterfaceOnly "line mode" and "normal zoom mode" without conflict;
3) fixed the Button argument issue within ActiveX MouseMove event so that it shows the correct value after zooming and the MouseMove event is now triggered while zooming whereas before it was not;
4) candles sticks with the same open and close value was sometimes not showing the open/close as a line has been fixed;
5) a memory leak showing on Win 98 systems was fixed regarding BitmapGradientMode;
6) GridLineMenu ActiveX property fixed, it was controlling FixedFontMenu;
7) v4 had broken stacked and floating stacked bars with negative data, this release fixes; fixed 3D Graphs needing Horziontal Line Annotations; fixed the issue related to YAxisOnRight and AllowAxisHotSpots where Yval argument was not correct.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/17/02.

v4.1 includes 20 new features, various minor fixes including improved axis and pie chart drawing logic. Among the new features are:

PEP_nEXPORTTYPEDEF , PEP_nEXPORTDESTDEF , PEP_szEXPORTFILEDEF , PEP_nEXPORTSIZEDEF , PEP_szEXPORTUNITXDEF , and PEP_szEXPORTUNITYDEF allowing control over the default state of the built-in export dialog.

PEP_bSCROLLINGSCALECONTROL will automatically scale the y axis to the currently visible data. This behavior is only for y axes which are not manually scaled via PEP_nMANUALSCALECONTROLY, or PEP_nMANUALSCALECONTROLRY. If this property is set to TRUE, as the user zooms, uses scrollbars, or selects fewer subsets or points via the customization dialog or via PEP_naRANDOMSUBSETSTOGRAPH or PEP_nPOINTSTOGRAPH properties, the y axis will automatically change range to match the data shown. The new v4.1 demo"s default example " 030 " uses this new feature.

PEP_fAXISTICKSPACING , PEP_fXAXISNUMBERSPACING , PEP_fXAXISTICKSPACING were added to complement the existing PEP_fAXISNUMBERSPACING allowing more control over the distances between tick and grid number and grid number and axis label.

PEP_fGRAPHANNOTATIONSIZECNTL allows the developer to tweak the size of all symbol type annotations set with PEP_naGRAPHANNOTATIONTYPE.

There is new and revamped graph annotation text positioning logic. This logic uses the new feature PEP_naSUBSETOBSTACLES . Use this property array to set a particular subset index to TRUE to designate that subset as an obstacle. For example, for a line chart, graph annotation text will dodge the line if the line’s subset index is set to TRUE. All plotting methods such as line, bar, point, and best fit curve are supported as obstacles.

PEP_nGRAPHANNOTMOVEABLE is used to enable new built-in logic allowing the user to click and drag PEGAT_POINTER graph annotation text.

There are also two new events: PreHScroll and PreVScroll and respective notification messages PEWN_PREHSCROLL and PEWN_PREVSCROLL . These events/notifications get triggered immediately before a scroll event is to be processed. Allowing an easy method for the developer to prevent and/or alter the scroll behavior.

The new v4.1 demo adds examples "031" and "134". Be sure to check these out. Also, example "030" is modified to use the new PEP_bSCROLLINGSCALECONTROL feature.

Currently, Gigasoft"s highest priorities are finishing .NET interfaces.