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ProEssentials v7 Maintenance Info


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/6/15.

1) Fixed Winform and WebForm, .Net interfaces (AnyCpu and x64 variations) features related to exporting to streams (PngToStream, etc) when ran as 64 bit. The 32 bit variations and other DLLs remain the same.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 5/20/14.

1) Latest .Net / VS2013 caused a breaking change in the Webforms, so the only change in this version is the WebForm interfaces for those using ProEssentials in a website.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/24/13.

1) Improved 3D Pie chart rendering quality.
2) Fixed an issue with PointsPlusSpline and use of GraphDataLabels was showing double labels.
3) Fixed an issue with SplineArea possibly showing up twice in customization dialog Plot tab when PEP_naPLOTTINGMETHODS was used instead of PEP_nPLOTTINGMETHOD.
4) GdiPlus rendering fix for large bitmap export over 2700 pixels and dash and dot lengths too short for dash dot line types to show.
5) Export size bmp limit increased to 3300 or PixelSizeThreshold property. Allowing for increased export sizes and control of such.
6) 3D Bar plotting method of Pe3do control -GraphAnnotations were not showing up for last row of Points.
7) Added PEP_bGRAPHANNOTATIONNORANGECHECK set via PEnset to 1. Allowing annotations to be positioned along axis borders.
8) Added PEP_nSPLINETYPE. Set via PEnset to 1. For GdiPlus rendering, uses B-Spline instead of Cardinal spline. Avoids loops and funky output that cardinal splines can produce with unevenly spaced data. Though there is a limitation that B-Splines must have increasing x data..
9) HotSpotSize can now be set with PEnset to up to 100, for hotspots being 50 times larger. Useful for touch screen implementations.
10) Pe3do object scales improvement, mostly for 3d bar plotting method and x and z axes with many subsets and/or points. Though the improvements will also help robustness of numeric scales.
11) MS Access example projects improved by removing utility.mda Reference which MS Office 2010 no longer offers.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/18/13.

1) Many visual and functional improvements through-out.
2) Fixed a few gaps in the use of localized international resource files related to SplineArea, SplineRibbon, GridBands.
3) Area plots improved for GdiPlus and speed improvements for area charts over 60K points.
4) The SubsetShades property will now support alpha blending when ViewingStyle is set to monochrome.
5) AreaBorer and SolidLineOverArea features help with Area plots and spike type data with GdiPlus.
6) SVG export is now supported. To guarantee vector quality to the printer, RenderEngine set to Hybrid is recommended. Print divers tend to rasterize the SVG content if too much alpha blending is used.
7) ExpotShapeLimit added in case you want to export a very wide but short chart.
8) Related to example 005, line annotations of grid line type fixed to match alpha color like normal grid lines.
9) Legend increased to 120 subsets.
10) GridAspect was not reflected in contour legend on left and right.

New v7.2 properties...

Gets and Sets gradient for all solid points for PePlot.Method showing points. Type ProEssentials.Enums.PlotGradientStyle

Gets or Sets color and control of border line around solid points when PePlot.Method is set to include points. Default is argb 0 for no borderground, set to Color.Empty for border color to match brush, else set to any color as needed.

Gets and Sets thickness for all non solid points for PePlot.Method showing points. Default 0=thinline=1pixel for display but it"s actually a logical unit that scales, 1=1pixel, 3 and higer = multiples of a thin line unit.

Gets and Sets if a polyline is added to GdiPlus Area PePlot.Method graphics. Helps with large data sets where spikes in data results in a zero-width polygon spike that GdiPlus can hide. Value can be 1, 2, 3 pixel units for display and print, svg scales.

Gets and Sets if a polyline is added on top Area plotting methods. These lines are drawn after all areas so they are always on top. Similar to HiddenLinesInArea but solid. Value can be 1, 2, 3 pixel units for display and print, svg scales.

When PeConfigure.BorderTypes is set to NoBorders, this property controls if axes still include a border line.

Gets or Sets whether entire rect graph annotation is hotspot (true) or just corners (false).

Default is empty string, allows setting the <?xml string content at start of SVG xml. End string with ?>
Likely not needed but just in case.

Default is empty string, allows setting the starting svg XMLNS parms. If set, start with <svg, include width, height, viewbox to match your export. End string with >
Likely not needed but just in case.

Default 0 for default .1 to 10 aspect ratio export limit. Set to 2, 3 to relax the shape limit when exporting images. 2=20, 3=30

Gets and Sets if the GdiPlus anti alias mode is half or none. True = Half = HighQuality. Color edges are usually lighter if set to HighQuality.

3D Pe3do chart now supports AxisFormatX, AxisFormatY, AxisFormatZ. Mostly for adding thousand separators, and pretext posttext.

Similar, PieChart Pepco added SliceLabelFormat

#define PEP_bDISABLESTACKEDPERCENTMENUS 3466 // to hide the stacked percent menus and dialog items
If needed, in .net set with Gigasoft.ProEssentials.Api.PEnset(Pego1.PeSpecial.hObject, 3466, 1)


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/23/12.

1) Fixed a rare condition where chart image was failing to render causing a black chart.
2) Fixed a rare divide by zero condition.
3) Fixed an issue with Far East characters in FontName not rendering text..
4) Fixed several issues with Bar plots and Scientific Graph (Pesgo) related to zooming and null data.
5) Fixed a Korean resource DLL export dialog issue.
6) Fixed 3d Scientific Graph line annotations that caused a gdi leak.
7) Fixed Area plots with only 2 points and GraphPlusTable showing table caused an empty chart.
8) Fixed PieChart special case of TickColor = 1 was not coloring slice tick correctly.
9) Fixed an issue setting ManualYAxisTicknLine=True and a very small ManualYAxisLine value causing an infinite loop.
10) Fixed an issue with Scientific Graph (Pesgo) and very large fonts with respect to chart size and/or very wide/short charts causing a corrupted image.
11) PngIsTransparent is fixed. Though works different than documented. RenderEngine must be GdiPlus and alpha channel for all colors is reflected in exported image and PNGTransparentColor is ignored. Likely DeskColor will have a transparent color or alpha of zero. Also AntiAliasedText, TextShadows and DarkTextInset will likely be disabled. DeskBmpStyle and DeskGradientStyle will also likely be zero.
12) Fixed a Polar chart issue with degree labels being corrupted in some conditions.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/4/12.

1) Improved dot and dash line types for Hybrid RenderEngine setting. Though the GdiPlus RenderEngine setting is byfar the most common now.
2) Fixed floating point issues when using ProEssentials with Delphi and Builder.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 10/23/11.

1) Fixed an issue with arrow and pointer graph annotations not correctly pointing in up direction in some scenarios.
2) ShowRYAxis = LabelsOnly was not allocating enough space on right for label.
3) Fixed 64 bit DLL not loading 32 bit resources as should.
4) Fixed AxisFormatY feature where formatting was not properly swapping decimal and grouping symbols.
5) Added feature to disable pie gradient for GdiPlus render engine. See intellisense for PieGradientStyle property.
6) Fixed an issue with Pie not drawing correctly in some scenarios.
7) Fixed an issue with Pesgo bar plotting method not drawing correctly in some scenarios.
8) Fixed an issue with subset label hot spots and LegendLocation setting of left or right. Also improved text color for LegendStyle = 5.
9) Fixed PixelSizingThreshold property which was disabled. Allows for creating larger charts (more than 3300 pixels) and maintaining 1 pixel wide thin lines.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 5/25/11.

1) Fixed a floating point issue with non-sequential xdata.
2) Fixed zoom issue with Pego/Graph control with two points, AllowZooming = Vertical.
3) Added double precision support for Pe3do 2d top/bottom contours.
4) Added double precision support for stacked bar, floating stacked bar, and area stacked charts.
5) Fixed an issue zooming stacked type charts.
6) Fixed an issue related to Pego/Graph PointLabels were corrupted when PointsToGraphVersion set to selected.
7) Fixed an issue related to Pego/Graph PointsToGraph programmatic data zooming was not initially draggable via new MouseDragging feature.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 2/21/11.

1) We added Traditional Chinese as well as updated Simplified Chinese and Spanish resources on our resource download page. Anytime a resource file is used, you will want to hide the following features from user interface by setting these false: AllowSplineArea, AllowSplineRibbon and set these to hide: GridBandsMenu, GridBoldMenu, PieGradientStyleMenu.
2) Related to DateTimeMode and bottom left date/time prompt: DayLabelType now supports hiding day from this area. We added a new property YearMonthDayStyle (member of PeGrid.Option) which defaults to look for system date format and shows dates as m/d/y or y/m/d. This property also allows forcing m/d/y or y/m/d. Plus general improvments in quality of DateTimeMode x axis construction.
3) We improved the Web example project PE7WebDemo and this get placed into a new dir. WebForms were improved to a) better support VS2010, b) allow our Pro version to dynamically link to our 32 or 64 bit native DLL during runtime; c) the same dynamic linking feature also allows the Pro, Std, Lite versions to search the physical bin path for the necessary native DLL. v7 Pro: Gigasoft.ProEssentialsWeb.DLL now expects to find PEGRPE.DLL. This is a new filename for ProEssentials. This file is a renamed version of either PEGRP32E.DLL or PEGRP64E.DLL. Our setup now creates two sub-directories IISx86 and IISx64 within the ProEssentials WebDevelopment dir [default c:\ProEssentials7\WebDevelopment]. The setup also copies the 32 bit variation of PEGRPE.DLL into the Windows 32 bit system folder as the Visual Studio design time will expect to find the 32 bit version in design mode and running a web site through Visual Studio. (Note 64 bit systems use syswow64 for 32 bit files, and system32 for 64 bit files.) When deploying web site, place correct variation of PEGRPE.DLL within the Bin dir. Copy from either our IISx64 or IISx86 dir depending if your server is 64 or 32 bit.
4) Added pesgo support for appendzdata to aid in real-time 2D contour charts.
5) Related to Pe3do waterfall charts, SurfacePolygonBorders now enables first subset to control border color. This improves the look of the chart.
6) Fixed a potential stability issue with drawing x axis when AutoScaleData = False and numbers are very large.
7) Improved filtering logic to better support NullDataGaps. If filtering and working with much data and many nulls, you may need to inject 20 or more nulls and set Filter2D to a slower setting to get consistent output in forcing gaps. Complex null gap effects with large quantities of data can be hard for the filtering logic to handle correctly.
8) Exporting Text/Data with charts with inverted axes was exporting text as negative values.
9) Improved grid numbers for x and y axes from showing -0 in some cases where grid line value was zero.
10) Fixed issue with stacked bar charts with negative data not plotting.
11) Fixed issue with certain styled EMF exports being corrupted with area plotting method.
12) Fixed issue with ZoomWindow not always working correctly with double precision data.
13) Fixed issue with exporting text data and large double precision numbers causing garbage characters at end of line.
14) Fixed issue with PointsToGraphVersion causing x axis labels to hide in some scenarios.
15) Fixed issue with vector/arrow graph annotations causing spurious lines when vector was too small to draw.
16) Fixed issue with PointColors and bar charts and SubsetByPoint setting of False.
17) Fixed an issue with export dialog related to destination path containing a period caused extension to disappear in our attempt to prevent two extensions.
18) Added feature to allow new justification codes for HorzLineAnnotationText. "M" is identical to "L" except background of text is
opaque and defined by color via new property PEP_dwLINEANNOTBACKCOLOR (PeAnnotation.Line.LineAnnotBackColor.) Similar for right side
of chart is "S". Mostly used to annotate the axis with the last tick of a stock chart or another method of cursor prompt tracking via
line annotation.
19) We updated the help system with most new features and hyper-linked the New Features section.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/17/10.

1) Fixed a rare issue with x axis with non-default setting AutoScaleData = False combined with extreme xdata values.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/8/10.

1) Updated the .NET interfaces to be compatible with .NET40.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/8/10.

1) Fixed an issue with Polar/Smith chart grid lines.
2) Improved internal data logic to look for blocks of nulls at end of data.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 2/20/10.

The initial download on our web site. Though ProEssentials v7 has been being used in production for more than a year.