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Gigasoft has uploaded version on 7/07/19.

1) Fixed an issue with memory usage. 9.5 introduced changes in memory management that were causing out of memory exceptions due to too aggressive predictions in increased demand of memory when arrays grew dynamically in projects that used a large amount of memory. resolves the issue with less aggressive predictions.

2) Fixed an issue with serialization (PEsavetofile) of new feature GraphBmpOpacity

3) Fixed an issue with Setting and Getting the DxZoom property. Setting DxZoom was offsetting by a -7.5 internal factor, but PEvget was not adding back the 7.5 internal factor.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/11/19.

1) Added support for RenderEngine = Direct3D, Pego and Pesgo controls, 2D Bar, BarStacked, BarStackedPercent, and Area plotting methods. fixes Area for double precision data.

2) Added MouseWheelFunction option for Vertical Zoom Only, allowing mouse wheel to only zoom the vertical axis, expanding the HorzAndVertical and Horizontal options.

3) Added property NullDataGapsArea. Set to True to enable the Pego Pesgo Area plotting methods to support NullDataGaps, forming breaks or gaps in the area plot upon null data.

4) Fixed RenderEngine = Direct3D export dpi feature which was not honoring ExportImageDpi and when ExportImageDpi is 0, it now defaults to 96 to match Non Direct3D exports (old Direct3D default was 72).

5) Added properties DeskBmpOpacity, GraphBmpOpacity, TableBmpOpacity, and ZoomWindowBmpOpacity. Now respective background gradients can be combined with background bitmaps and the bitmaps support partial opacity.

6) Added support for MouseWheelZoomEvents = True to also fire ZoomIn event when dragging left or right edge of zoom box in Zoomwindow.

7) Fixed Direct3D support for GraphBmpMinX GraphBmpMaxX GraphBmpMinY GraphBmpMaxY settings when using GraphBmpStyle = Zoomable and the image size was smaller than viewport.

8) Fixed Direct3D DeskGradientStart and DeskGradientEnd colors which had the red and blue components reversed.

9) Fixed Direct3D issue with ShowWireFrame = True combined with surface plotting methods and large surfaces.

10) Fixed VCL interfaces for Pe3do where programmatically sending vertical scroll message was not handling negative scroll positions.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/21/19.

1) Std edition is completed and available, along with Pro edition.

2) New feature to allow randomly setting axis per subset.
Pego, Pesgo
.NET: Pego1.PeGrid.SubsetAxes, Default = Empty, when empty this feature is avoided
OCX, VCL: Pesgo.SubsetAxes
This feature allows setting the axis location (0 - 15) for each subset, individually and randomly.
For example modify demo example 012 with...
Pego1.PeGrid.SubsetAxes(0) = 3
Pego1.PeGrid.SubsetAxes(1) = 2
Pego1.PeGrid.SubsetAxes(2) = 1
Pego1.PeGrid.SubsetAxes(3) = 0
This tells the chart that subset 0 is on axis 3, subset 1 is on axis 2, etc. Reversing the order so the first subset is on the bottom, where normally the first subset would be on top. Historically, one would have to alter the order of subsets to achieve having the first subset on bottom.
One must still set MultiAxesSubsets though technically one only needs to make sure that the total subsets allocated within the MultiAxesSubsets items equals or matches the value of Subsets. There is a test within the chart construction that verifies that allocation of MultiAxesSubsets uses all subsets. As long as when setting SubsetAxes, one uses all axes, the chart will alter MultiAxesSubset items for you to reflect the state of SubsetAxes. This allows changing the numbers of subsets per axis without having to change MultiAxesSubsets, as along as the number of total axes stays the same and each axis has at least 1 subset.

3) Fixed WPF interfaces and a Direct3D D3DImage issue causing a fault in debug mode upon application exit.

4) Fixed WPF interfaces where switching between Direct3D and non-Direct3D RenderEngine settings needed an extra Invalidate.

5) Updated the Asp.Net WebForm example projects.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/18/19.

1) polishes the .Net, MFC, and Access example projects; completes the Delphi and Builder example projects; and fixes a few issues related to new Direct3D Pe3do graph annotations.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 3/11/19.

1) Version 9.5 has many new features. Please study the "New v9 Features" help file topic: New v9.5 Features


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 7/09/18.

1) The only difference is the ActiveX controls are updated.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 6/27/18.

1) Fixed an issue with Pego, Pesgo, setting ManualMaxY and ManualMinY with certain amounts containing large numbers of decimals causing overlapping text.

2) Fixed an issue with Pe3do, RenderEngine = Direct2D, the surface plotting method was missing first rows.

3) Improved ContourColorProportions for Pe3do and Pesgo. It is important that when using ContourColorProportions to empty the current state of ContourColors and SubsetColors, and then set number of items in SubsetColors with the same number of items in ContourColorProportions, and then set ContourColorSet = 1. This will produce contour divisions and or contour lines at your desired magnitude locations.

4) Added support for True/False setting of DxPsAntiAliasEdges property with the Pesgo's contour color Direct3D plotting method.

5) Fixed an issue with QuickStyle feature and GraphGradientStart and GraphGradientEnd.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 5/7/18.

1) Within the built in export dialog, once a filename exists, changing the export type radio button will now automatically change the file extension to the respective type.

2) Fixed Pesgo 2D contour line plotting method. Lines were not using ContourColorProportions resulting in too many contour lines.

3) Fixed an issue with setting SequentialDataX from default 0 (auto) to 1 (sequential) was causing a problem with showing/hiding subsets.

4) Fixed a problem with wrong pen colors when Subsets > 250 combined with ZoomWindow showing all subsets, stressing pen resources.

5) Fixed a problem with RenderEngine = Direct2D, combined with x axis annotations feature showing vertical text. The image's overall translation was being reset to 0,0 when 0.5,0.5 is needed to produce sharp single pixel wide lines.

6) Fixed DisableStackedPercentMenus which was not properly hiding the menus.

7) Fixed LineSymbolThickness feature which was not controlling the symbol line widths. Set to a value of 3 for 2 pixel widths, Set to 4 for 3 pixel widths, etc.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 4/7/18.

1) New WPF interface property PersistenceEnabled. Default False, set to True if using chart inside a complex container such as Telerik Rad Dock or other container that destroys and re-creates controls as part of their user interface. ProEssentials defaults to not persist as the chart may contain large amounts of data. It's recommended to only set this property True if necessary (control is being reset to default 4 data points as part of user interface action.)

2) See the New v9 Features topic within the help system for new information related to version 9.

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