Featured Direct3D DirectX example using ProEssentials .Net Wpf Charting, screen-shots from Dutch Commpany Van Geffen AMS B.V. charting bearing damage / vibration data.

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Best to Maximize your browser window, below are a few screen captures sent to us by Dutch developer, Theo du Plessis, Development Manager with Van Geffen AMS B.V, www.vangeffenams.nl

Demonstrating a nice use of ProEssentials' charting components to visualize vibration data via Direct3D DirectX rendering in both 2D and 3D.


DirectX .Net Wpf Charting

All charts are built without any custom help from Gigasoft. All charts simply use properties to define the data, layout, and bahavior of the charts. No complex logic is required related to sizing and settings as ProEssentials has the artificial intelligence built-in.

Direct3D DirectX .Net Wpf Charting image1

The table within the chart is our TableAnnotation feature, which can be moveable and used for user input feedback. When you programmatically control or the user controls which series are shown, the multiple axes will automatically reconfigure as needed. Sizing and shaping the control, changing data, changing font sizes and other properties; ProEssentials chart produces mission critical quality output like no other component can match.

Direct3D DirectX WPF Charting image2.

This chart is showing DateTime scaling along the x axis. ProEssentials accurately sends double precision data to the graphics card which requires a special shader to piece together 2 floats to form a double. Double precision is necessary for date time scaling. And the x axis will intelligently change in structure (grid and tick line density) depending on the zoom level.

Also shown is the zoom window feature which always shows the total amount of data. In this example 5 weeks of data is charted but zoomed in on a few hours to few minutes.

.Net Wpf Direct3D 3D Charting bearing data.

.Net Wpf Direct3D 3D Charting bearing data.

.Net Wpf Direct3D 3D Charting bearing data.

3D Direct3D scatter charting of vibration data.

These charts are plotting a large amount of simple line data as a 3d tube. The tube is constructed via a geometry shader so only 4 vertices are needed per point; 2 vertices controlling the span of the tube segment and 2 adjoining vertices to control how the ends of the tube join. The geometry shader then injects 128 vertices to form the tube body segment. There is also an additional tube as a graph annotation that plots with respect to y axis. And finally there are additional text graph annotations to create a dual date-time scale and rpm scale along z axis. There charts generally contain 300 points x 640 series, with as many as 6000 annotations and rotate/zoom/hot-spot hit-test instantly.

Direct3D Waterfall .Net Chart

3D Direct3D waterfall chart with additional graph annotations.

Graph Annotations are used to highlight certain waterfall slice data in both the x and z directions. Some as thin lines, and 2 as thicker tubes. The intersection of the thicker tubes is also annotated and the two thick tubes work as a data cursor and the user can move these cursor lines in real-time. All this is done via simple properties, in .Net, Access, Delphi, MFC/C++, and what ever Windows development environment and programmatic interface you choose.

Direct3D Waterfall .Net Chart

Direct3D Waterfall .Net Chart

3D Direct3D waterfall charts similar to above but with a larger amount of data. 3200 points X 840 series plus thousands of annotations. Again, the annotation tubes are moveable in real-time as part of a data cursor user interface.


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